Monday, June 2, 2008

No More Nanny for Now

Ate Nits just said goodbye. It’s her last day today, though I’m not ready to let her go, I have no right to stop her even if I’m not really sure if her reasons for leaving were all true. Her husband met a minor accident 2 Sundays ago and had a fracture in the arm plus she also have a 10 year old son to take care of. The only thing unacceptable to me is she didn’t give me prior notice so I was surprised when she told me about it this morning.

She has been my kid’s nanny for almost 3 years. She treated my kids like her own and have been patient especially to CJ whenever he has tantrums. Though she can’t cook, it’s not a problem for us since we receive daily supply of cooked food from my mom. She’s recommending her sister to be her replacement but she isn’t available until next week and there was uncertainties when she told me about it.

I can definitely say that I’ve been considerate and kind employer to her. I’ve given her countless favors especially financial matters.

Now my mom is helping me look for someone to replace Ate Nits as soon as possible at least before classes will start next week.

Problem such as this would mean headache and stress. Oh life!!!