Monday, March 31, 2008

Recognition Day!

I was supposed to go to Acey's school last Friday to check on the deliberation result and find out what her rank is but because I took a double shift to be able to attend a conference call at 1:30 am and finish some work, I got exhausted. I slept when I got home. My sister in law went to Achiever's school to check the details of the recognition since her daughter (my niece) is also an awardee. She told to me that Acey will get "with high honor" award since her average is between 91 to 91.99. Of course, I felt proud of my little girl. In the afternoon of the same day, My kids and I went to Robinson mall. They played in the amusement center. CJ won a snoopy stuff toy from one of the games and he excitedly gave it to me. Afterwards, we went to the department store to buy make up and some accessories to match Acey's gown on their recognition day. I received a text message from Acey's teacher to confirm that my daughter is "with high honor awardee" AND a model pupil at the same time. I was ecstatic.

On Saturday, we went to SM mall in Clark to buy gift for a nephew who was scheduled for baptism on Sunday, the same day the recognition will be held. I took my kids to the toy section so I'll have an idea what toy they like including CJ. Acey is eyeing for a Barbie stuffs like Barbie casual wear, sandals & dolls while CJ kept on going to the far corner where Zoids and Battle Bida Man toys are displayed. I also recall they're requesting for new DVDs for their PS2.

The most exciting event happened on Sunday. My father together with my mom fetched us in our apartment and dropped us in Achievers School. We immediately went to the assembly area and the program started past 8am. Acey & I were on the second line. She got the first award for model pupil, we were called again for the second award. Going up on stage to pin the medal to your child and receive the certificate is truly fulfilling and heartwarming, exactly the same emotion I felt when CJ was proclaimed as Mr. Nursery in the same school. Acey's focus and passion for studies paid off. She doesn't really have an idea what those awards mean but all she understood is, she got two medals. I emailed my hubby everything that transpired on that day and I suggested to schedule his next vacation every March so he can attend event like this, the kids will certainly be happier and delighted if he's around.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Power of Education

March and April are months of graduation.

Wikipedia define graduation as the action of receiving or conferring an academic degree or the associated ceremony. The date of event is often called degree day. The event itself is also called commencement, convocation or invocation.

Last night, my kids and I attended graduation celebration of their cousin Lerem who graduated from highschool (his brother Ashley will be graduating today from elementary), afterwards, I approached her mom to congratulate her as well.

I believe that not only the graduating kids should be commended, we should also acknowledge the parents for their efforts, support and patience in providing the best education possible for their kids.

The importance and advantages of having an education is known to everyone. The job or work you will have in the future depends on the level and quality of education you had. Education is one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty and inequality and for laying the basis for sustained economic growth.

Many of our parents or elders especially those who belong to lower class were not given the same opportunity in terms of gaining an education that we enjoyed or are now enjoying. This is the main reason why they have worked so hard to finance our schooling, so seeing us march on the stage to get hold of the rolled paper known as diploma is their biggest accomplishment.

I can vividly remember a story narrated by my father to me & my siblings. It’s something that happened back when he was still working as mechanic operator in Saudi Arabia. His bosses appreciated his excellent performance and they wanted to promote him, however, when they reviewed his record, his educational background did not suit the position. He finished a vocational course in auto mechanics. They just gave him a pat on the back for his performance but not the promotion. He told us this story to motivate us to value education and finish a college degree and we did not fail him. My brother, our eldest, is a registered Mechanical Engineering and is currently managing a machine shop business actually owned by my father. I finished Business Management and Entrepreneurial course and working as a QA Analysts in a BPO center here in Pampanga. Our youngest graduated from a 4 year secretarial course and is now presently working as secretary in Qatar and happily married to a civil engineer who is a native of Cebu.

I commend individuals who strive so hard to finish school not only for the sake of their parents but mainly to become better persons/citizens and have decent job in the future.

I admire the well off people who extend financial assistance to organizations providing scholarship to deserving kids.

I have high respect to our teachers for unselfishly sharing their knowledge and committed to their career as educators even if they are receiving low compensation.

My hope is that everyone regardless of financial status and gender will believe in the power of education.

My heartfelt congratulations to the graduates of school year 2007-2008.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dental Problem

For the past week I’ve been experiencing toothache, on and off. In as much as I would like to go to a dentist, it was holy week so dental clinics are closed. What I did was to take pain relievers everytime toothache is felt. Yesterday, I planned to go to the dentist after work, however, I forgot to bring with me my healthcard. Last night, I decided not to report to work the next day so I could go to the dentist in the morning because I was anticipating a tooth extraction so I have the whole day to rest.

Acey accompanied me and when we got to the dental clinic past 9am, it was already open and I’m the first patient to come in. Dr. Espiritu explained to me that one of my front teeth with plastic jacket is already infected and my gum in front is swollen. He gave me 2 options but what I can clearly remember is having a root canal to save the plastic jacket and it will cost me around 5 thousand pesos because my health insurance will not cover it. He gave me a week to think about it, in the meantime, I am taking anti biotics. I had dental cleaning and Dr. Espiritu did a light filling on all my teeth with minor cavities. I have a scheduled tooth extraction on Saturday.

After the dental visit, Acey and I headed to the mall just across the clinic for some groceries and lunch in Jollibee. Afterwards, I brought Acey to the parlor for an haircut (CJ had his haircut last Sunday) while I had my feet pedicured. My little girl looks prettier & younger in her new hairdo, in preparation for their recognition day.


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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

Jesus our Savior left heaven above,

Coming to earth as a Servant with love;

Laying aside all His glory, He came,

Bringing salvation through faith in His name. — Hess

READ: John 3:13-18

May we all keep in our minds & hearts the true meaning of Jesus' sacrifice and learn to do good deeds to others without expecting anything in return. Let's fill our hearts with God's words by hearing Sunday Mass. Happy Easter~AiDiSan & family

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I love reading emails!!!

I regularly read Mina’s blog entitled 24 hour paradigm and got interested in one of her posts that talks about earning by reading emails. This is not a joke, in fact I registered with Hit$4Pay, got approved within the hour I signed up and received a $10.00 sign up bonus instantly, now my earnings continue to accumulate by simply reading emails.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Stress & Worry Free Vacation

My husband and I will celebrate our 10th year anniversary on October 27, 2008. When we chatted last time, we talked about how we plan to celebrate it. I ask him that we go to Boracay, the famous beach paradise here in the Philippines, just the two of us. But my husband would want to do it outside the country, simply because he wanted me to experience to ride a plane while traveling for several hours and understand the feeling to be in a foreign land. Isn’t that exciting?

As early as now I’m thinking how to go about the possible out of the country trip. I realized that aside from booking your flight, the next important thing to do before you travel is to make sure that you have a place to stay and chances are it’s going to be in a hotel.

While surfing the net, I chanced upon the website What’s amazing about is that they can find a place for you to stay during your vacation in almost any part of the world. They can arrange your accommodation if you plan to tour Europe, visit United States or explore Asia. Moreover, they have available toll free number that you can call to inquire about hotel reservations and possible hotel discounts or promos that you can avail of and you can be assured that a friendly and accommodating customer representative of will be on the other end of the line. Another interesting and exciting fact about is that, once your reservation is confirmed, they can also arrange a vehicle for you to pick you up from the airport to ensure that you reach the hotel without worry of getting lost. They have wide arrays of automobile you can choose from, luxury cars, convertibles, standard or full size.

With all the services HotelReservation offers, I'm pretty sure you have an impression it's expensive and will not afford it. This is absolutely untrue! In fact, it is disclosed in the website that if you book a "Special Internet Rate" and happen to find a lower rate in the same hotel, you can be guaranteed they will match the price or cancel your reservation without cancellation fee, now that's amazing!

Your travel will certainly turn out to be stress and worry free with

SCTex is now open

Today is Holy Thursday. I don't have plans of going anywhere however my sister in law called me early morning inviting us to join them to try the Subic Clark Tarlac expressway (SCTex). I said yes reluctantly.

SCTex is now open for light vehicles since Tuesday in anticipation of the holy week. During it's soft opening, our President GMA came in Clark Pampanga along with some officials from Malacanang and several reporting team from different networks. The great deal is toll free is waived until end of the month. It will formally open in April.

It took us exactly 45 minutes to reach the 55 kilometer Subic bay. The expressway is truly amazing. I commend the Macapagal administration for this accomplishment.

We explored Subic. We had early lunch in one of the parks, across the road we can see the waves of blue water. We went to bat kingdom and took a quick peek at Zoobic Safari. Afterwards, we decided to rest in another park and when we felt we were all charge up again, we headed to Royal Duty Free. My mom bought chocolates for her grandchildren.

We got home pass 3pm.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Longest Human Line

Here's a tag from d'cookingmudra, thanks!

Here's the rule:

Copy the entire list and add your name on the person who tagged you.
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I would like to pass this tag to the ff: Arlene, Mina , Minette, Vic & Ednalee

Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm Back To My Real World!

The training I attended for 5 weeks is finally over and I'm back in my department as QA Analyst.

I was on a graveyard schedule for the first 4 weeks of the training and it was pure classroom discussion and believe me, it wasn't easy listening to the instructor while you try to suppress yourself from sleeping. Your eyes maybe open but your brain is dreaming. I admire those peeps who prefer to work in the night schedule and remain active all throughout the shift. Funny thing is, everytime my classmates will caught me sleeping, they use their mobile phones to picture me. Sh*t, they have proof that I sleep while on duty...LOL.

The last week was spent for OJT. This time we should apply what we have learned while taking calls. I was a bit nervous with my first call but I easily got the hang of it. In fact in a short period of time, I became more confident talking to foreigners over the phone. I can easily comprehend them despite their accent.

I passed all levels of certification, so now, I am credible reviewing and monitoring calls of our agents. I'm now back to QA Department, my real world.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Hubby's Bday!!!

It was my hubby’s birthday last March 08. He celebrated it in the evening of Mar. 06 in Qatar with his housemates. Last night, we were with my in laws to sort of celebrate his birthday and I cooked the spaghetti carbonara I learned from Bang while my brother in law Clark prepared Pancit and Kare-Kare. We had Banana Graham Cake for dessert care of my sister in law Emy.

Below is the birthday card that my little girl Acey made for her Dada. I scanned and emailed it to John. CJ tried to make one too but he couldn’t copy the spiderman picture we saw in the internet.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Way to go Ramiel!!!

I just read from Philippine Entertainment Portal that Ramiel Malubay, my best bet in the American Idol is still part of the Top 12 finalists despite a not so satisfactory performance for 2 consecutive weeks, based on the criteria of the three judges. And I am happy that Danny Noriega was booted out already. I dislike his attitude and facial expressions everytime he receives negative feedback especially from cruel judge Simon Cowell. However, I got disappointed to learn that Asia Eppherson, one of my favorites, who's as petite as Ramiel was also eliminated. I was touched to learn that a couple of days before her audition to American Idol, her dad passed away and so she sang "How Do I Live" especially dedicated to her father which made the female judge Paula Abdul too emotional.

I'm hooked to watching American Idol and I think I am right with my forecast that Ramiel will make it to as far as Top 6 but I have to admit that David Archuletta is a strong contender for the American Idol title.

I will absolutely watch the elimination tonight at 6pm.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Join A Contest!

I came across this blogger name Juliana who has a very exciting and fun way to celebrate her anniversary in the world of blogging and that's giving a contest with $100.00 prize at stake! Yes you heard it right! It's also her way of thanking her loyal readers and visitors. By simply leaving a comment on her post, you earn a point. Please check the following mechanics:

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Enjoy the contest!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Big Love

I just got home very happy, why? Well, I watched “My Big Love” with my friend Josielyn. My shift today was from 5am ‘til 2:45pm. I’ve been bugging Josielyn to accompany me & watch the said film. Good thing her husband would permit her to go, especially when I’m her company.

I never failed to watch Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga’s movies, from “Your Are The One” to “You Got Me” to “ My Big Love”, all of them were blockbusters. The first 2 were directed by my favorite Cathy Garcia Molina. Sam Milby is a sweet hunk with irresistible smile while Toni Gonzaga is a consistent versatile actress. Surprisingly, this time in “My Big Love”, Sam & Toni kissed, ooops, it’s not a passionate kiss just a smack. If I were Toni, I wouldn’t mind have a torrid kissing scene with Sam, not at all…haha.

Kristine Hermosa was also one of the main characters and oh boy, she’s so pretty!!! I don’t like her as much as I like Toni, but her physical beauty is undeniable. She and Diether makes beautiful pair, they are just perfect for each other, so I think Oyo Boy should find someone else.

Going back to the movie, the story was about an obese played by Sam who fell in love with a beautiful girl (that’s Kristine) who is very conscious about her health and would always want to stay fit. When the 2 finally met, the girl was completely disappointed and the boy was hurt deeply with the reaction of the other party. Aira, played by Tony, on the other hand, was to the rescue. She urged Sam to avail of her services as personal fitness trainer and initially, Sam didn’t like the idea but later on, the two had fun with the fitness program and built a deep friendship until Toni has to leave for Japan for her personal goals. Sam continued the diet and fitness stuff until he became a cover boy. He & Kristine fell in love but when Toni came back from Japan, Sam realized that it is Toni who really makes him happy. As expected, it was a happy ending.

I will remember the 5 principles or values, whatever you call them that Toni, as personal fitness trainer, would inculcate to her trainees and they are the following:

1. Goal Setting.
2. Don’t start later or tomorrow, start NOW.
3. No shortcuts.
4. Be inspired.
5. Be happy.

I’ve been wanting to lose weight. I would start going to the gym but if I find an excuse to stop, I won’t have a second thought cease the diet or the program and I always fail, that’s probably because, I don’t have the 5 principles stated above. I wish the next time I decide to lose weight, I’ll keep in mind the 5 principles to keep me going.

Monday, March 3, 2008


I've been seeing this Speedtest from other blogs but it's only now I decided to give it a try, maybe because I'm not in the mood to compose a post for today. As you can see, I typed 50 words per minute and I can't believe it!!! Does this mean I can write post for a certain opps requiring 50 words only in 60 seconds?

50 words


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Highly Regarded New York Fashion Schools

Lately, I’ve noticed that some of our local celebrities would take a time out from their showbiz career to finish a short course abroad. Some would take up course in acting, others in fashion design like the sexy super heroine Angel Locsin did. For doing so, these showbiz personalities earned my respect because they give value to education, afterall, showbiz is not forever, they will always have a fallback.

Speaking of fashion designing, it is a plus factor if you graduate in a reputable school like Fashion Schools in New York. You can be assured that the latest craze in fashion design would originate in New York, this is why it was called the capitol of fashion design. It is every fashion designer’s here in the Philippines ultimate dream to step foot in New York Fashion School and finish a related fashion design course. If done, they become well known and personal favorite of prominent public figures both in showbiz and political world.

In New York Fashion Schools website, you’ll get informational lists of accredited fashion schools in New York, famous fashion designers and featured fashion articles. Moreover, said website will enrich your knowledge in the fashion industry, hence, will make you aspire more to enroll to one of their highly recommended fashion schools.