Sunday, December 23, 2007

Last week was...

... a busy and productive week. I’ve been going to SM Clark & Robinson Balibago alternately to complete my Christmas gifts for my kids, relatives & god children. At the same time, I have completed the American Accent Training. Wow! congratulations to me!!!

I enjoyed the training immensely. The ice breakers really kept us all awake and attentive during the discussion. I learned so much from it and improved my confidence in speaking the English language. I can say I can help in handling calls if the need arises. I look forward to another training second or third week of January next year.

The only thing I failed to do is to accompany my kids in their respective Christmas party due to the training I just mentioned. I assigned it to Ate Nits (my kids nanny) and she accomplished the task well.

Yesterday & today are my days off and I filed a leave for Monday to Tuesday to be able to spend Christmas with my kids, family & relatives. In fact, later tonight we’ll attend a Christmas party with my in laws. Then Noche Buena and Christmas Day with my in laws again. We’ll welcome the new year with my parents since my sister & her husband are coming after Christmas. The most exciting part is the whole family trip to Baguio on January 5 & 6. It’s my kids first time in the summer capital and everybody is quiet excited about it.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Advance Christmas Gift

My friend Josielyn gave me her recent bought GUESS bag after buying another expensive bag with the same brand. This is an early Christmas gift. She saw me using it when we had dinner with an old friend Edmar last Thursday (Dec. 13). Now I'm thinking what to give my friends when we meet for our reunion after Christmas, something cute & inexpensive like a glossy lipstick for Josielyn or bangles for Marilyn. This clearly means I'm not done with my christmas shopping.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I've been wanting to watch One More Chance which is still showing in SM Clark Cinema. I have decided to bring my daughter with me to watch the said romantic film and leave CJ with his favorite Tito Clark. I texted my brother in law, unfortunately, he won't be available to take care of my son. The three of us headed to SM Clark and CJ chose the movie Enchanted. I'll just watch One More Chance in DVD.

We got the tickets at 2:15pm, showing starts at 2:40pm so we quickly went to SM hypermarket to buy drinks & chips. I thought I won't enjoy the film but I was wrong. We attentively watch it from start to finish.

It's a classic disney animation film that is perfectly done. I was thinking Princess Giselle and Prince Edward will end up together and live happily ever after like the usual fairy tales stories. What actually happened was swapping of partners. Princess Giselle fell in love with flawed divorce lawyer Robert Philip while exploring the city of New York whereas Prince Edward married Nancy, the ex fiance' of Robert.

The movie is full of humor especially when Nathaniel and the chipmunk would clash. All the actors involved were great in their respective roles. Amy Adams' voice is amazing. The setting is fascinating especially when Robert & Princess Giselle were happily strolling in the park. Indeed, a film worthwatching.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Sis & a Student Driver's license

My sister and her hubby arrived last Thursday. I’m so happy to see her again. They’re staying with us. Right now, they’re in Davao to spend Christmas with their in laws but she promised they will celebrate New Year with us.

She brought the Christmas gifts that John has for me and his kids. A toy laptop for Acey, celfone for CJ (I forgot the unit)and cash gift for me…hehehe, anyway my sister gave me my long time dream Clinique Happy perfume.Though the kids already have a clue on what gift they have from their Dada, still, I wrapped them nicely. Now my Christmas tree has gifts underneath.

Last Saturday, the whole family had dinner in Ikabud, afterwards, we went to Paskuhan Village which is now called Hilaga in San Fernando Pampanga. There was an ongoing talent singing contest hosted by stand up commedians. My mom would laugh so hard with the punchlines of Ara Muna and Jo Mani Yllana. I'm impressed with the voice of the contestant especially the winners. The other stage is being set up for bands but we didn't watch anymore.

On a different note, I accompanied my brother in law in Land Transportation Office (LTO) in Dau to acquire a student driver’s license so he could drive my brother’s box type car while they are vacationing here and guess what?!?!? I also obtained my own student license…yipeeee and I really wish I can drive…hahaha. One of my goals for next year is to learn to drive for so some reasons. My brother recently bought a second hand vehicle and their lancer box type car is just parked in the garage. Going to relatives especially to my in laws commuting is such a hassle especially when you have kids to tag along and when we’re about to go home usually past 8pm, my brother in law is somehow forced to drop us in our house which is completely out of their way. So I realized that I have to learn driving. I know it’s not cheap to enroll in a driving school but come to think of it…I already have my student license and a car I can borrow. I can’t find any reason not to enroll, I’m sure it’s gonna be worth it!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What's Cooking?

I started learning to cook only last year when my sister and her fiance' (who is now her husband) stayed with us for almost a year. My specialty are beef caldereta, chopsuey, pork stir fry, children spaghetti & deviled eggs. I'm good at doing mango graham cake and no bake blueberry cheesecake.

I love watching cooking shows when I was younger until now. I remember watching Nora Daza and Sylvia Reynoso Galang plus Heny Sison. I like the cooking techniques that Heny Sison would share to her loyal audience in her now defunct cooking show "A Taste of Life".

Currently, I'm hooked watching Chef On The Go of Rob Pengson from QTV 11 every Sunday. There are probably few episodes that I missed but I make it a point that I'm done with everything before 7pm on Sundays to catch my latest fave cooking show. Rob Pengson is now popular with his commercials such as Tropicana juice drink and KFC. His fans are requesting a website for Chef On The Go to unveil the recipes featured on the show and according to him, it's now on the planning stage.

I realized that cooking is like experimenting. One recipe like adobo can be cooked in different ways. My hubby loves the recycled fish fillet I cooked for him when he was vacationing. A good cook for me is someone who knows how to recycle, someone who can turn left overs into an appetizing and stomach satisfying recipe.

Kids love to eat canned goods such as spam, luncheon meat or corned beef. Leftover spam or luncheon meat can be sliced into pieces, you can then produce fried rice, just sprinkled it with maggi savor. You can cook omellete for unconsumed corned beef.

I am contemplating on taking up basic baking class middle of next year. One of my dream is to have my own bakeshop one day. Being an employee is not forever. I want baking to be my fallback. If I have time, I'll make yemas I could sell to my officemates, this could be the start and why not?!?!?

My sister and her husband will be arriving tomorrow and will be staying with us. I promised my sister that I'll cook caldereta for their lunch. I also listed some recipes I will be preparing during their stay. Whew!!! it's time to show them my improved cooking ability.

By the way, I will add a page element here in my blog to enumerate the cooking websites I frequently visit in the coming days. Free feel to access them once available.

Bon Appettit!

Sunday, December 2, 2007


I'm craving for french toast since yesterday. I was supposed to cook one for our merienda but the kids prefer instant pancit canton. I had slice bread with liver spread and tropicana orange juice instead.

This morning, I took one egg, fresh milk and butter from the fridge. Luckily, I still have mc cormick cinnamon powder and gardenia sliced bread. My daughter and I enjoyed the french toast especially when we added a little of pancake maple syrup. I prepared hotdogs and egg for my son CJ because I know for sure he won't eat french toast, he's so picky and likes limited kind of food unlike Acey, she eat everything like fish, veggies, sweet, bitter or sour food or anything edible.

I received a text message from my kids favorite uncle Clark, inviting us for lunch, so we're off to my in-laws house in a little while.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


The first time I tried making yemas was unsuccessful. It was sticky and I can’t form it into ball. When I was cooking it, I turned off the stove when it started becoming thick. My friend Michelle told me it wasn’t cook yet which explains why the yema mixture was sticky.

This afternoon I tried making yemas again. Once the yema mixture started to boil, I kept stirring it and didn’t turn off the fire until the mixture would stick on the pan which is a indicator that it’s already cook. After cooling it for more than an hour, I started shaping it into balls and my daughter Acey help me by spreading the colored cellophane on the table which made the task effortless and hasty.

Enjoy the pix below.