Saturday, July 23, 2011

Purple Day!

Hi Fellow Bloggers!

Yay!!!'s been more than 3 months since my last post. I'm not updating my blog but I regularly visit my favorite blogs. My work and my business venture kept me super busy.

So many happened in the last 3 months and no matter how hectic my schedule was, I made sure to find time for everything and that includes bonding with family, friends, officemates and my favorite people in the world, my kids, of course!!! I have stories and photos to share and I'll do it one at a time.

Let me start with our Company General Assembly. This happened last July 19. Employees were requested to wear clothes, accessories and anything with purple color. It was a purple day in SM Clark. Registrations started at 9pm, after registering, you may proceed in the long table closely located the movie gate to get your snacks which included hotdog sandwich, popcorn and a choice of softdrink or iced tea. We're thankful that our site director hastily discussed he's agenda for that day because he felt everyone's excitement to watch TRANSFORMER, Dark of the Moon. After the movie, we went back to the office to finish the rest of our shift.

Here are the pictures taken before registration and getting inside the moviehouse.
 waiting for my turn to register
with some of my QA Family
The Gorgeous QA Ladies

Have a great weekened Fellow Bloggers!!! 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gelato Ice Cream: My New Favorite

I have read in so many food blogs I visited about gelato ice cream, it's something I wanna try because of curiosity, however, such is not available in any malls here in Angeles City so I always ended up buying frozen yogurt.

One time, while walking in SM Clark, I saw a vacant stall with signage a gelato ice cream store will soon open, this brightened my face, finally I'll be able to try the famous gelato ice cream.

I have forgotten about it until last Saturday, when my friend Pao and I were at Robinsons Galleria. We went on a business seminar in Pasig from 8am to 12nn, afterwards, we decided to spend our free time in Galleria. We went straight to Starbucks for coffee and dessert. We walked around the mall and we saw Caramia that serves gelato ice cream and cake. We feasted our eyes in the different flavors of gelato ice cream and cake. I decided to try the pistachio flavor for 70 pesos in a small cup.

Gelato ice cream is believed to have less fat than the regular ice cream. Its silky and dense flavor is truly addicting. The flavor becomes stronger as it melts in your mouth.

This is now my new favorite. I'll head to SM Clark one of these days to check on the gelato ice cream stall I was talking about.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby Megan

I am delighted to inform you that my niece was born on March 31, 2011. We named her Megan Nicole. My sister in law and I are lucky for being able to give birth via normal delivery and we never experienced long hours of labor pains. Other moms endured almost 24 hours of labor pains but ended up delivering via ceasarian section. My sister in law was in the hospital together with my brother at 1AM and was put to delivery room at 2AM, that’s the time my brother started sending me SMS, I was at work at that moment so I couldn’t accompany him but I kept on texting him back because I could imagine how nervous, uneasy and excited he was even if it was already his third baby.

Megan is such an angel, she got all the beautiful features of her mom. She's the baby of the family. Few months before she came out, my sister working and living in Qatar have collected the old baby stuff such as nap mats and kids backpacks that her daughter used to bring in nursery school. She bought new baby stuff as well and she assigned me to buy Chico feeding bottles which I already did a month ago. However, we will only be receiving the baby stuff for Baby Megan on April 17. I am in search of baby comforter that would perfectly fit her crib with her name embroidered in it like the ones made by Embroidery Dallas especially now that Posy Lane created and launched a new website, North Dallas Embroidery.

My daughter Acey have been asking me for a baby girl, yes, she specifically wanted “baby girl” for sister but I told her that’s impossible because her Dad is working abroad. Secondly, having another baby is the least priority. I just explained to Acey that I wanted to focus on her and CJ, I am happy and contented with the two of them. Now that Baby Megan is around, she suddenly forgot about her request.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Consistent Honor Awardee

This morning, Acey and I attended their Recognition Day. My daughter was awarded "with honor" for having an average grade of 90.26 from first to fourth grading. I was honestly not expecting for this award because my daughter had a hard time achieving perfect score every periodical exams.

I mentioned before that I will never pressure my kids to be the highest scorer in their class, what matters to me is to see my kids enjoy school. I learned from a school owner who happens to be a child psychologist to teach our kids not to compete with others but to themselves, inculcate positive motivation.

Acey is a consistent awardee. She finished her pre elementary schooling with awards every end of school year. Now that she's in elementary, her good study habits stayed the same. She make sure to finish her assignments before playing and she reviews for exams all by herself most of the time.

I'm thankful to God for giving me a daughter like Acey, she's the daughter every mom and dad would wish to have.

Nursery: with high honor awardee and model pupil
Kinder: with highest honor awardee
Prep: Graduated with high honor
Grade 1: with honor awardee
Congratulations to the Graduates of 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

No to Unwanted Mails

In this age of computer and internet, we can easily get in touch with family, friends and relatives via email or chat. Gone are the days when you write someone dear to you a letter and send it via snail mail and the recipient will have to wait for several days to get a hold of that letter. Computer and internet will help you write a message to your loved ones and have it delivered as soon as you click on the send button.

The disadvantage of high technology is, it's so easy for someone or an organization to get your information and as a result you experience getting unwanted emails in your mailbox, not only that, you also get unwanted mails and catalogs in your physical mailbox.

Once in a while, I get calls from a marketer for some sales pitch usually from phone companies that offers a phone line, internet service and a mobile unit as one package. I’ll be straightforward and tell the representative I am not interested but because he was trained to do hard pitch, he will make several attempts until he can sense I am already annoyed and will hung up anytime. To avoid this from happening, I stumbled upon Catalog Choice that will help get rid of unwanted mails, they can also work on unlisting your name from phonebooks to stop receiving unwanted mails from your physical mailbox. This is simply awesome!

Coffee Date

Me and my friends at work had dinner and coffee date last Friday. We invited Mark and Pao who already resigned from the company.

Few days before our date, I suggested that we eat at City Lunch and take advantage of the 100 peso eat all you can promo. I heard from an officemate there are few selection of viands from that buffet but the food is great. My friends agreed, however, when Mark and I got to the venue, there was an on going wedding reception in City Lunch and it's not open for public. So we decided to have dinner in Extremely Expresso in SM. We relished the Big Ben pizza and pastas.

After eating, we had a long chat as we wait for our tummys to digest the pizza and pasta to give room for coffee or frappe we intend to order. Unfortunately, we noticed a "closed" signage that was put on the door of Starbucks. They closed earlier than usual due to some on going repair in the coffee shop. Our friend Pao was so disappointed, she's a Starbucks Cafe Mocha addict. We transferred to Cafe Beatico and in all fairness, their Cafe Mocha tastes like the one in Starbucks.

We all had a great time even if there were changes in the venue. I thank my friends for being flexible, when it comes to food, who wouldn't be, right? We all had a happy tummy on a Friday night.

I look forward to our next date.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

School Year 2010 is Over

Today is the last day of the final exams of my kids. I am very happy simply knowing that summer vacation is here. I can watch TV late at night during weekends especially on Sundays without having to worry of waking up early the next day. This also means a little savings because my list of grocery items will be lessened.

However, after a month, I have to think of the enrollment of my kids. My hubby and I have equal share in the school expenses of our kids. In as much as I want to make full payment of their tuition fees, the budget is not enough, unless the loanable amount I get from Home Mutual Development Fund (HDMF) is bigger this time. Yes, I do avail of the multi purpose loan every year from the said entity to accommodate my kids' school expenses such as tuition fees, school supplies etc.

I will head to HDMF office second week of April to file my loan application. It is such a hassle to go to their office but I don’t have any choice. How I wish the loan application can be done online, afterall, HDMF has a website where answer to basic inquiries about their services can be found, might as well use that website when filing for loan application. This is one ultimate improvement HDMF should take into consideration…enabling their members file loan application or loan mortgage refinance in just one click.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I want Sigma Brush Set!

My make up brushes are international because they have different brands like I have an Elf blending brush, I also own pointed brush from Marinnaud and etc. When I started my love for make up, visiting beauty blogs and watching make up video tutorials, one of the things I plan on purchasing is a set of make up brushes preferably with  Sigma brand. At this time, it is not a priority for me to buy Sigma make up brush set but it is still possible for me to own one without spending a single cents...HOW?...well, by joining HunnyLovin contest.

For more details about the contest, check this out:!

Monday, March 14, 2011

GrandBall 2011

My son CJ who is in grade 5 attended their grand ball last Friday. This event was actually intended for grade 5 and grade 6 students only, it's sort of JS Prom in Highschool. Of course, like any other stage mom, I am more excited than my son. I rented a suit for him and prepared everything. At 5pm I brought him to the salon near our place for his hair to be trimmed and styled. Believe me, he looked gorgeous in his suit like a true matinee idol (wink).

We arrived at the venue (Mar's Garden) past 6pm and the program started at exactly 7pm with cotillon dance from grade 5 followed by grade 6 students. The program was full of dance numbers, mostly, ballroom dance. Teachers also prepared dance numbers and I must say they were graceful, some rendered song numbers.

I did not leave my son all throughout the evening, except during dinner. I went outside and ate in Jollibee located few steps away from the venue and some parents did the same.

The program ended past 12 midnight. I saw my son enjoyed the event, he did table hopping to greet his classmates and schoolmates like it was his own party. He has become sociable and friendly.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Deviled Eggs

My sister is working and residing in Qatar with her hubby and daughter Nicole. Eversince my sister started living in Qatar, she learned to cook different dishes and I encourage her to take a photo of the dish she cooked for the whole day or for any occassions. I also suggested to her to make an album in her Facebook intended for the photos of the dish/es she cooked and she gladly obliged. Everytime there is an added photo, she couldn't wait to tell me about it and excited to see my comment/s.

However, sometimes she runs out ideas of anything to cook for her family and housemates especially during special occassions such as Christmas. She's fond of bringing in appetizers for parties for potluck, the recent she did was deviled eggs. Her housemates were amazed with the said appetizer but little did they know it was super easy to make.

When not busy, I would search in the internet for new mouthwatering dishes for my sister that will surely become a hit to her family and housemates.

I Heart J Lo

I'm on graveyard shift, it's 2am and I'm still alive because of J Lo. I envy her curves, sexy face and of course her insured behind. I love her make up, neutral smokey eyes and pale looking lips that gave emphasis to her Latina beauty.

I like the Lambada tune they included especially at start of the video, I suddenly remembered back in highschool when we performed the Lambada dance and won the university dance competition. How I wish digicams were available then so I have proof to show you guys through photos...haha.

Anyways, here's the J Lo's "On the Floor" video I got in youtube, enjoy listening and dancing!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Birthdays: Near and Far

Near. My kids and I together with Chinadoll attended the first birthday of our Manager's first daughter held last Saturday in Century Park Hotel. The theme was Hello Kitty which is why I decided to buy Melody stuff toy as birthday gift for the celebrant. The venue was big enough to accomodate plenty of visitors especially the kids who immensely enjoyed the party program. The host from Jen Belen party and event organizer was amazing. She was hosting, singing and dancing with matching Hello Kitty costume.

Kids were given Ben10 and Hello Kitty loot bags for boys and girls respectively, as they enter the venue. We were also given stubs for ice cream, hotdogs, pop corn and cotton candy that you can munch on while attentively watching the program until you hear the go signal to line up for the main course. Since my kids are 11 and 8 years olds, they did not avail of the kiddie meal, they prefer food intended for adults. After eating, the program continued, kids and mommies including me got busy collecting candies from the candy buffet set up right beside the stage.

We also enjoyed the photobooth service. It was exciting to pose for the camera and quickly grab another head accessory for another shot, time pressured but defintely a lot of fun.

Far. It was hubbys birthday last March 08, a day before that, I bought Sansrival cake in my favorite cakehouse. Even if hubby is several miles away, I make sure to buy him a cake on occassions like birthdays and father's day. It's my way of making him feel important. I'm hoping he'll be able to celebrate his next birthday with us because he will be turning 40 then. I want to organize a party, invite his friends and relatives and all the people close to his heart. I wanna make sure it's a birthday party he'll never forget in his lifetime.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's inside my Pouch?

Finally, I was able to take a photo of the beauty stuff I have inside my small Bench pouch. Just wanting to share the content of my pouch feeling like celebrity being featured on "What's inside my bag" of Cosmopolitan Magazine. You will notice I got inexpensive beauty essentials. I'm not after the price of the products I use, what matters is they work best for me, they enhance the way I look and sometimes the way I feel too. So here it goes...

Lip Gloss: Nivea and Victoria Secret
Eyebrow liner: Nichido in dark brown
Lipstick: Mac - pink creme dela femme, Ever Bilena - Red Storm, Rosetto - Brown Fudge
Pressed Powder: Maybeline clear smooth natural
Blush: Maybeline and Elf
Eyeshadow: Elf Pretty n' Pink
Tinted Moisturizer: Myra E in Beige color
vanity mirror given to me as gift

Monday, March 7, 2011

Our Sunday Lunch

This is what we had for lunch yesterday, steamed tilapia. The ingredients weren’t complete, we lack bell pepper and lemons, but still, mom and I pushed through with it. We wanted something healthy and different for Sunday lunch. So I thought of the steamed tilapia that my Sis, who is in Qatar, cooked for her hubby and housemates. Incidentally, my father prefers fish than meat because he's very health conscious. 

We also made steamed pusit(squid) stuffed with onions, tomatoes, kinchay, a little bit of salt and mayonnaise. I wasn’t able to take a photo of the steamed pusit because the family were too eager to attack them. Like a blockbuster movie, our steamed tilapia and pusit were a big hit in the family.

How about you, what was your Sunday lunch?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Radiant Red Gowns

The Oscar Academy Award is undeniably a popular award giving body in Hollywood. I was not able to watch when it was shown on TV last February 27, 2011. Well actually I don't look forward to watching the whole show every year, there is another way to find out about the highlights of the show which is the internet. The only thing I am extremely interested about Oscars is the Red Carpet where Hollywood stars flaunt their expensive branded gown including the jewelries and accessories that goes with it. Two of my most favorite glamorous outfit were both radiant red worn by Ann Hathaway and Sandra Bullock, they both looked like living dolls.

Ann Hathaway is wearing Valentino gown

Sandra Bullock in her Vera Wang gown

How about you? What was your favorite gown/s during the recent Oscars?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Alma Mater

My Alma Mater, Angeles University Foundation (AUF), is a famous university here in Pampanga and it actually specializes in medical course. Beside it is the Angeles University Foundation Medical Center. Our school location has now become highly commercialized. You will see major fastfoods, drugstores and specialty stores that sells medical uniforms and scrubs, within the vicinity.

There are international students enrolled in AUF taking up medical courses such as Physical Therapy, Medical Technology and the likes. It's easy to identify them through their uniforms like the nursing students wearing medical nursing scrubs. And speaking of uniform, if I am a nursing student paying expensive tuition fee, instead of buying medical nursing scrubs within the university which is certainly more expensive, I'll resort to searching online on where to buy medical scrubs that offers big discounts.

In this time where prices of commodities including uniforms are skyrocketing, you need to be resourceful to be able to purchase the cheapest product made with quality.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Highschool Batchmates

I was in Makati together with my son CJ and my brother in law the whole day last Saturday for something and I'll blog about it next time. We got home at 6pm, I rested for an hour and prepared to go to work. I had second thought of leaving because I haven't slept and was obviously tired from the Makati trip but I thought of the meeting regarding our grand reunion of my highschool batchmates we scheduled a month ago. I filed an undertime so I could attend the meeting before heading to work.

The meeting was at 7pm in Starbucks, I got to the venue 30 minutes late. I felt good seeing old classmates and batchmates. It was a productive meeting, we were able to tackle a lot of topics related to the grand reunion that will happen December of this year. We look forward to seeing other batchmates who will be coming home for this anticipated event. Everyone was free to give their suggestions to make the grand reunion unforgettable and enjoyable. One thing we considered is for our batchmates living or working abroad to realize it was worth coming home for the reunion.

I decided to take an active participation in organizing our grand reunion and I look forward to the next meeting.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Pinaupong Manok

It's the last day of February and before we move on to the month of March, I'd like to share a recipe I learned from my brother -in-law several years ago, we call it Pinaupong Manok. This is always part of my menu every holiday season. The chicken is stuffed with butter, onion, garlic and lemon grass. The whole chicken (i prefer Magnolia chicken) is laid in soda (sprite or 7 up) and whole corn kernel. It takes 40-60 minutes for it to cook in low fire.

So easy to prepare yet so appetizing and yummy.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers can add beauty to the house, whether it's indoor or outdoor. I envy houses with garden regardless of size, that's one thing you won't see in our 300 sq meter house. Yes we have big space in front of our house and there are four big trees namely mango, caimito and 2 chico trees that provides shading, however, you won't see grass and flowers place in planter boxes or any outdoor planters.

My sister-in-law and I attempted to plant small trees and flowers on plant boxes and slowly create garden, unfortunately, those plants died after a few months. I remember buying tomato and calamansi plants last year and the same thing happened, they all died and we accepted the reality that we're not skilled to grow flowers or any kind of plants, moreso, create a beautful garden. We may resort to hiring somebody to do the gardening and landscaping in the future.

After doing a little research in the internet, I learned tips and techniques on how to grow plants and flowers and there are numerous containers or planters available made of different materials like fiberglass, ceramic, stones etc. I guess for now, I'll be satisfied buying fresh flowers and placed them in a beautifully designed ceramic planter or vase.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sleeping in a Bed of Heaven

My favorite Urban Zone host Daphne Osena is not only a great host and jewelry designer, she also personally design bed linens.  Her style is subtle luxury and discreet elegance and mostly, she uses calming earth tone colors and such color makes your home look more tidy and relaxing. Moreover, neutral colors bed lines will work best with any home and hotel wall paint color. Her bed linen collection is available at SM HomeWorld.

Everytime I am in department section of SM Mall, I usually visit the Home Section to check on bedding, pillow cases and comforter-set. I am fond of buying pillow cases that would match the color of the bedding collection I currently have. I am in fact, saving up for comforter –set that we can use during rainy season when the weather or climate is conducive to sleeping.  And for our bed, I’d like to buy side tables and an eye catching lamp would be on top of it. 

When Toots and I were in Cebu last year for a business trip,  we were billeted in Parklane Hotel and it’s a lot better compare to Peak Hotel we first tried during our first trip in the said province. The bed in Parklane is more comfy, it’s covered with comforter and beddings all in white colors. The feeling is like sleeping in a bed of heaven.

Want some Free Dessert?

After dining in a Korean resto Friday of lastweek, we decided to try the newly opened Tre' coffee shop located near our office. It took us a while to finally place our order because we got busy reading their menu posted on the wall right behind the counter, thinking at the same time if the taste of their frappe and coffee would parallel those of Starbucks.

The male staff in the counter asked us if it was our first time to visit the coffeeshop and we said yes. My friend Pao teased the guy if we can try one of their desserts for free for being first time customers. The male staff went inside to probably ask the manager on duty if our request is possible, he came back with a smile and informed us we should dine in to enjoy the free dessert.

The cinnamon caramel honey bread was served to us. It has a couple of sliced bread toasted with butter topped with cream and caramel syrup with lots of cinnamon powder spinkled on it...I so loved the aroma of cinnamon was indeed a SUGAR OVERLOAD night and HAPPINESS because it's seldom you get free dessert nowadays!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Get rid of Unwanted Mails

Everyday I check emails more than once and each time, I see unwanted emails in my spam folder. I never attempt to open them for online security reasons, but instead, I immediately delete them all at once, what's annoying is they keep coming back. I wonder how to get rid of those spam emails forever!

Recently, I discovered about catalogs that will help remove your screenname or other information that may be used by marketers or advertisers. Catalogs will give you an option to unlist your name from marketers to stop sending you advertising emails you are completely not interested in. What’s great about it is, you can avail some of their services for FREE.

One thing I learned from all these is that sometimes when we make purchases online, we give out our personal information such as email address or phone number simply because they are needed to complete the transaction and delivery of the product we purchase online. Little did we know, some companies would sell those information to other companies who send us advertising emails found in our spam folders. To avoid or reduce unwanted emails, there is this service called UNLISTING SERVICE. Thank God such service was discovered and available. This will make our online experience a lot better.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Syry's 2nd Giveaway

Syry, my newest favorite beauty blogger is giving away beauty stuff as her way of thanking her loyal followers. I missed joining her first giveaway, so this time I wanna make sure I am in.

To have an idea what's in store if you wish to join too, take a look at the photo below or better yet, visit Syry's blog for further information.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Simple Family Celebrations

My family seldom celebrate occassions with a big party, invite relatives & friends with lots of food to share. Me and my siblings never demanded for a party to celebrate our birthdays. In as much as my parents would like to provide us party during special occassions, they could not afford it. We accepted and understood that. When I was little, I can vividly remember the whole family would dine in Nelson's Balloons in downtown Angeles City with yummy bibingka as their specialty on special occassions. My siblings and I would excitedly play in the see saw inside Nelson's Ballons right after eating pancit and bibingka while my parents stay in the table and chat, look at us while we're busy playing. The only time my parents threw a party was when my brother passed the board exam for Mechanical Engineers in 1998, and that's something worth celebrating.

Now, whenever there are family occassions, still there's no party but we all dine out or eat somewhere and try some specialties of different restaurants. Honestly, I like it that way, it's more intimate, convenient and hassle free.

Last January 09, my brother and his wife celebrated their 13 years of marriage. We had an early dinner in Extremely Expresso because my brother and our kids craved for pasta and pizza.

On February 02, mom turned 64 years old, she didn't want to go somewhere and eat, she preferred to just cook for the family since it was weekday and thought my father and my brother were tired from work to go out. She cooked pancit, chicken and cheese lumpia. I bought her flowers and Pandan cake from TollHouse on behalf of my sister who's in Qatar.

Acey's birthday was February 10 but we celebrated it last Feb. 13 which is Sunday. We had dinner in Max Restaurant in Marquee Mall because Acey's favorite is chicken and ate her share of Max chicken unswervingly, she almost uttered "Sarap to the Bones!".

Acey  in a "Sarap to the Bone" moment

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Macapuno or Egg tarts?

My sister knew somebody working in a posh bakeshop in Qatar who have mastered making egg tarts, similar to the famous egg tarts in Macau. I haven't been to Macau but my friends raved so much about the egg tarts. When I saw photos of egg tarts in my sister's album in Facebook, I asked her to request for a copy of the recipe and days after, she emailed me it to me. Unfortunately, the oven in my mom's house is out of order so it is impossible to execute the tart recipe.

Yesterday, I dropped by at SM before I head to work to buy bread I can eat at work (on my second break)and entered Pan de Manila store. I bought cheese pandesal and saw the Macapuno tarts, I suddenly remembered my sister and the egg tarts we've been talking about. There are actually 2 kinds of tarts being sold in Pan de Manila, the Egg and Macapuno tarts and the latter is the only one available at that time, so I grabbed it, priced at 62 pesos for 3 pieces. I ate the two after waking up from a long sleep and the one left was consumed by Acey. The taste was okay but it did not meet my expectations, nevertheless, I still wanna try their egg tarts.
Egg tart from a bakeshop in Qatar

 Macapuno Tart from Pan de Manila

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Manny's House in LA

Whenever a politician's property such as multi million peso house or luxury car/s is featured on TV or broadsheets, you can't help but raise your right brow and the intriguing set of questions will pop into your mind but seeing Manny Pacquiao's 4,500 square foot LA house, you are certain it's the fruit of his labor. The money he spent buying properties here and abroad came from his own pocket. Filipinos and people all over the world witnessed the success of Manny's boxing career. In fact, he received an invitation from none other than the President of the United States and probably talk about the humble beginnings of Manny Pacquiao and his plans about his boxing and political career.

Whatever material things that Manny Pacquiao possesess now and in the future, he deserves it. Let's all be happy for him and thankful for the Glory he brought to our country. 

Mabuhay ka Manny!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Make Up Artist of the Night!

One of the things I am recently addicted to is reading beauty blogs and watching make up video tutorials in youtube especially those by my favorite and popular Michelle Phan and I learned a lot from it. I started buying make up of different brands but not those expensive ones, just those commonly known as drugstore make up such as Maybeline, Elf and I even bought Coastal Scents online.

I was finally able to maximize the use of those make up and applied what I learned from my favorite beauty bloggers during our Christmas party held last December. I came to the venue early so I could apply make up to some of my female officemates. Unfortunately, I was unable to take a photo of the ladies before the make up session started becase we were too eager to finish and start the party. Here's my finish product:

We call her Mommy O. I applied Myra E foundation as base and used pink and purple shade eye make up from my coastal scents palette

I used black and silver eye color make up for Jovy to perfectly match her outfit for the night
And for Toots, I chose subtle blue smoky eyes that made her flawless & radiant skin more obvious
So what do you think? Do I have the potential to become a professional make up artist?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Korean Dish: Healthy & Delicious!

I started to appreciate Korean Dish after dining in a Korean Resto a couple of times located inside New Well Being Spa & Hotel which is few meters away from our office. My officemates and I would go there for dinner when our palate would crave for veggies and something spicy

There are actually a lot of Korean Resto you can find in Clarkfield Pampanga. Koreans invaded our country and seems to enjoy their stay here. Anywhere you go, you will see them especially in malls. There is in fact a police station along Friendship hi-way dedicated for Koreans. Some of my officemates and friends enjoy a part time job by teaching Koreans to master the English language so they can easily communicate with non Korean speaking individuals

Ever wonder why Koreans have flawless skin? Have you noticed when watching Koreanovela, their actresses barely wear make up but still look fresh and radiant on cam? In my observation, it has something to do with the food they it. Their dish composed a little of meat but plenty of veggies. It is a common knowledge that vegetables are rich in fiber and helps to make you stay healthy. Also, they're fond of spicy food and whenever you eat something spicy, you tend to drink so much water, not to mention, they are tea drinkers of different kinds. So much intake of veggies and water helps eliminate regularly, in fact, everytime, I eat Korean dish, the effect is like doing cleansing diet the next day, I feel like all the toxins inside flushed out which made me feel clean and light. Because I like the effect, to eat in a Korean resto at least once a month is part of my new year's resolution

Below are pictures taken during our dinner date in a Korean Resto on different dates:

November 2010

December 2010

Korean Dishes we have tried so far:

gimbop sushi roll
Tukbokki rice cake
Dolsot Bibimbap...this is my favorite, a must try

samgeopsal grilled pork strips
different side dishes

Sunday, January 9, 2011

With Personal Touch

Christmas is over but I just want to share I made choco banana cream pie that I gave away to friends and god parents of my kids last holiday season. I have the option to just order pastries or cupcakes from friends but I want to give something with personal touch. I also made a sticker “ Whip It!” by Sweet AiDiSan and pasted it on the cover of the cream pie. A big cup of Bannofie pie or Banana Cream Pie in Starbucks is outrageously priced at 135 pesos.

Have a Sweet Sunday BloggerFriends!!!