Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Visit to Monasterio de Tarlac

Eversince my sister and my niece came home for vacation, actually my sister is pregnant on her second baby and is due to deliver on August 06 via ceasarian section, we've been spending our weekends eating, bringing the kids out somewhere, karaoke singing and do everything that would make us laugh out loud and put huge smile on our faces.

Last Sunday we went to Monasterio de Tarlac. It was a long trip, took us more than an hour to reach our destination, there was no dull moment since the SUV car is full with both adults and kids. We took a lot of pictures, made funny poses especially yours truly. Unfortunately, the mass was already on going when we arrived in the monastery.

The place is impressive. The reception area is spacious and tidy. A lot of people visit the monastery even if it is far away if you come from other province like Pampanga. The comfort rooms are clean with glade air refresheners. You just have to drop a donation for using the comfort room with any amount.

If you have no qualms taking long travels and in search of a place that'll give you relaxing and tranquil atmosphere, Monasterio de Tarlac is the perfect place to be.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mt. Samat Adventure

My officemates and I made a trip to Mt. Samat last June 01 (Saturday). It is located in Pilar Province of Bataan. The Mt. Samat Cross of 302 feet is what it is famous for, but before you reach the top of the cross through elevator, you need to pass through several stairs.

We left Angeles City a little after 8am and reached our destination after 9am. I did not expect Mt. Samat to be that beautiful. I commend those who takes care of the place and transformed it completely to a tourist spot, very well maintained but the comfort rooms need major improvement, for the sake of the visitors especially foreigners who are curious to see the mountain.

The trip was exhausting but the feeling to be on the peak of the Mt. Samat Cross will make you forget the tiredness and scorching heat of the sun. The air coming from the windows is so cool. You will appreciate the beauty of nature when you look down and all you see is a tidy landscape and greeny green grass and trees.

Afterwards, we went to Harbor point for our late lunch slash afternoon snack.

I'll never forget our trip to Mt. Samat especially the unexpected and horrifying fainting of one of our colleagues while on the second part of the stairs going up. We talked and laughed about it on our way home.

Overall, the trip was memorable and hilarious.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hello Blogger World

Hey! Hello...Aloha!!!

Gosh, it's been almost a year since my last post. Obviously I was on hiatus for so long. I feel bad for neglecting my blog though I take at look at it once in while and pay visit to my favorite blogs.

So what kept me busy all this time? Well, I got hooked reading ebook, the contemporary young adult and paranormal type novels. In a week, I can finish 2 to 3 novels but now I decided to slow down a bit, one novel a week is I think ideal. This way, I still have time to update my blog. It would be awesome to have a little time for everything, don't you think?

I'll be back very soon with a new post, promise!