Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy Kids

I'm fond of bringing my kid's to kiddie birthday parties, it's a perfect time for them to mingle with other people, develop their social skills in a fun and happy way.

CJ, my eldest, is always ready to participate in games and befriend all the kids. On the other hand, my little princess Acey is the shy and reserve type, she's more interested in the party food and loot bags (LOL).

For this month of July, we attended 2 birthday parties, the first one was held first week of July and the other one was last Saturday. The pictures taken on last Saturday's birthday party were not uploaded yet but here are the photos taken by an officemate and a fellow blogger CandidMom who I think is a promising great photographer.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Healthy Packed Lunch

I try my best to come up with a list of menu for a week for my kids baon in school. I try my best too, to avoid cooking canned goods or anything with preservatives such as tocino. I wake up as early as 4:30am to prepare my kids' breakfast and baon so might as well use the time cook dish rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Last Monday, I cooked Tofu in Oyster sauce I learned from Ms. Caren Yrastorza's blog. This is the main reason why I often visit food blogs. I compile easy to cook dishes that I think my kids would love to eat during their lunch break. I always remind my kids there is always time for everything, time to study, play and eat and it is important for them to take their break and savor the rice & viand I cooked for them with love to make them stay healthy and alert.

Here is a pic of the Tofu with Oyster Sauce:

Today, I cooked home made chicken nuggets. I marinated chicken breast cut into cubes in oyster sauce, garlic and salt & pepper and deep fried it this morning. Sadly, it slipped my mind of taking a photo of it, I was understandably too busy preparing my kids for school.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Before and After Meal Photos

This is a continuation of my last post regarding "Early Dinner with Friends"where I posted pictures of the dishes we have eaten in New York Supreme. This time, I am sharing photos of ours taken inside and out of the said venue. Our pictures will describe how much we enjoyed the amount of money can ever buy moments such as this, full of sweet giggles and loud laugh. For a stress and personal worries were completely out of our minds.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Early Dinner with Friends

We decided to have an early dinner in New York Supreme after work yesterday. The last meal we had was lunch at work at 12 noon and we got out of the office at 4pm. We intentionally emptied our tummy's to fill it in with yummy panizza and various pasta from New York Supreme. It was my third time actually in NYS and I will go back again and again. I fell in love with their delectable and affordable menu. Because we were so hungry, everytime the waiter will serve the dish, it's gone in a snap!

I really had a great time dining with my friends at work, savoring the food with a lot of laughter and friendly was HEAVEN! In between meals and before we head back to our respective homes, we took a lot of photos in and outside NYS, I'll share the photos of the dish we had for now. More pics in my next blog. Enjoy viewing them.

Spaghetti Carbonara (rich and creamy)

Pasta Putannesa (rich in tomato sauce, i love the pesto bread that that goes with every pasta)

Chicken Pasta Parmigiana (my all time favorite)

Panizza ( we asked for 3 orders of this)

arugula and alfalfal (place on top of the panizza before rolling and eating it)

I call this rolled panizza ( this is actally my favorite photo)

group pic after eating...allan, arlene, minette, me, vic, jovy and bobot

Happy weekend dear fellow bloggers:)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Lip Art

I've encountered blogs where bloggers share tips on how to make a perfect nail art using various nail colors and nail accessories of different types and brands. I guess beauty bloggers should also give attention to doing LIP Art.

What do you think?