Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Qatar Vacay

Hello 2014!

Again, I failed to update my blog even for just one post a month. I won't mention excuses because failure to update my blog with new post was done deliberately on my part, well no one else to blame, right?

2013 flew by just like that. I have the same job and same daily routine, work, home, went out with friends, attended school functions on behalf of my kids etc. But one thing major that happened in the last quarter of previous year is I got the opportunity to travel outside the country. I went to Doha where my husband is currently employed.

Actually the main purpose of going to Doha is to accompany my sister and her kids. She couldn't manage to travel with two kids ages 6 years old and less than 3 month old baby. The 9 hour flight was unbelievably exhausting. The baby would not sleep for more than an hour, so my sister and I would take turns in taking care of Baby Nadine (the 3 month old baby) and sometimes you have to carry her and stand to pacify her, can you imagine that?! But it's all worth it especially when we landed in Qatar airport and my husband John and my brother in law were waiting for our arrival.

I got the chance to spend alone time with hubby. Although work as usual for him after a couple of days since my arrival, he leaves as early as 6am till 5pm. He and my sister managed to bring me to places frequently visited by Filipinos and other tourists. It was a month long vacation. Hubby encouraged me to submit resume to companies in Qatar but I refused. I still would like to go home. Our company was kind enough to give me a month vacation and the least I can do is to fulfill my promise to our manager that I'll come back and so I did. But then, if God would support my 2014 plans and the timetable I have set will be executed accordingly, I'll be back in Qatar by second quarter of this year.

In the meantime have a look at my photos taken while vacationing in Doha. 

And oh, belated Happy New Year and advance Kung Hei Fat Choi! With positive attitude, 2014 will certainly be a better year!

 Ikea in Doha
 Katara, cultural village
 Villagio Shopping Mall
Souq Waqif