Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Yummy Win!

It's the last day of January and I am delighted to announce that I won a Yummy Magazine January issue from Candisssh blog. She emailed me and I replied with my contact details including my complete address just in case she will ship the magazine.

This blog talks more about family, friends, FOOD and sometimes beauty products. I am fond of cooking for my family so Yummy magazine is something I want to collect this year. I am excited to learn new recipes!

I hope the year 2012 will be a lucky year for me and win more blog contests. I guess, this is the start!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Family Sunday Snack

I was so in the mood last Sunday to cook merienda for the family.  I still have 500 gram pack of Fettucini noodles, spaghetti and pizza sauce and queso de bola from previous holiday season so I decided to buy ham slices, ground lean pork, quickmelt cheese and baguette from last Saturday's grocery shopping.

I started cooking at 3pm and ended at 4pm. The kids love the pizza baguette, each consumed around 3 to 4 baguette plus pasta. We were so full that afternoon and we forgot to eat dinner. The kids just had cereals with lots of milk in it an hour before bedtime.

sorry for the poor resolution, i just used my samsung mobile, hope it still looks yummy!

What is your Family's favorite Sunday merienda?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Party!!! Party!!!

I know it's too late to share anything about the previous holiday season, still, I want to write about how our department celebrated our Christmas Party.

In December 2010,  we had our Christmas Party in Century Hotel, Angeles City. We agreed to wear black although few of our fellow Analysts wore a different color outfit. But that is totally fine, their presence is what really matters. The food was okay but not that spectacular. We had games and so much FUN!!!

On the contrary, the party food we had in our December 2011 Christmas party became the highlight of the night care of K Cafe, who happens to be the owner of the famous Shanghai Restaurant in Balibago, Angeles City. Oh so yummy! is all we can utter during dinner...savoring every bite!

I just realized that I've been hosting our department's Christmas party for three consecutive years now. Hosting is exhausting but you will never feel such when everyone truly enjoys the moment! I don't mind doing it again and again.

QA Christmas Party 2010

QA Christmas Party 2011

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Healthy Activity

My brother bought this stationary bike few days after Christmas so we have something to use to burn the calories deposited in our bodies for eating halaya ube, BBQs, pastas and a lot of holiday food.

It was only this week that I started using it because my father have been bugging me to exercise. Can you imagine the joy in his eyes everytime he sees me exercising using this bike? If this stationary bike will help me lose weight, I'll consider my 2012 a healthy and better year, otherwise, it's fine. For now, I'm happy using it for 10-15 minutes, losing 200-300 calories.

And oh! my father is asking (actually instructing) my Bro that a threadmill should be his next purchase...waaahhhhh!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hoping for a Great 2012!

Hey guys, Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Yeah I know, I'm now a certified lazy blogger. It's been 6 months since my last post, I don't want to make a promise again but deep in my heart there is so much I want to write and share and believe me I continue to visit and read my favorite blogs and would even write my comment's on their post/s that I find interesting.

It's now 2012 and I'm really hoping that this year will be better and kinder to me and my family. Looking back, I would say that 2011 tested my courage, faith and emotion. My family and I faced the most tying time of our lives with the passing of my beloved mom in the last quarter of 2011. I am not ready to share the details yet as I still get very emotional everytime I think of it. It will take forever to endure the pain.

On a lighter note, I am delighted to receive a Starbucks planner with the help of my friends Pao and Coline. It's my first time to have an SB planner. The frugal person that I am is satisfied with having Cosmopolitan or Sterling planner, the dates and days are just the same anyway, be it an expensive or cheap planner. But this SB planner that I have now is special because it was a gift from friends. I did not spend a single centavo to complete the stickers and redeem it.

Have you guys written down your New Year's Resolution yet? I said written because most of the time we just write them and ended up not doing them at all. But it's fun enumerating new year's resolution when a brand new year is about to start. I guess I have an idea what to share in my next post, hopefully soon?
I wish everyone a FRUITFUL and  BLESSED Year of the Dragon.