Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Different Prize

I finally received my prize from Project Vanity blog over a week ago, but it was not a Fresh Fragrance gift certificate, the package contained a Revlon Mascara, Colour Collection lipstick, Rexona Deo and Avon whitening cream. I emailed Ms. Liz about it and she admitted there was a mix up in sending the prizes for her flash contest and commenter of the month winners. I told her I fell in love with the Revlon Mascara and Colour Collection lipstick and ask if it's okay for me to just have them and just give the Fresh Fragrance gift certificate to the other contest winner, to avoid inconvenience as on all parties. All is well that ends well as mentioned by Ms. Liz.

I'm now using the three items included in the package except for Avon whitening cream.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lucky V Day!

After my Yummy Magazine winning, I won as commenter of the month (for the month of January) in my favorite beauty blog Project Vanity. I was announced as winner on feb 13, a day before Valentines Day. It's one of those beauty blog that I read regularly and religiously. I heart how beauty guru Ms. Liz would describe a certain product and share her honest reviews. She's very knowledgable, articulate and honest.

I won a Fresh Fragrance gift certificate I have yet to receive worth Php2500. Incidentally, before all this, I went in Marquee Mall with my family early part of February and I saw the Fresh Fragrance store and just stared at different perfumes in their display window. Now, I have a reason to come in to their store bringing my gift certificate and choose a perfume that I will consider as my Valentine gift to myself...hmmm, I wonder if I can claim my favorite D & G Blue light? Will let you know guys which perfume would fit in the Php2500 budget.

Happy Weekend Fellow Bloggers!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Acey Turns 9

How time flies. My little daughter just turned 9 years old. I planned on cooking special lunch for the family this Sunday to celebrate Acey's birthday but Acey have been bugging his Dad to have a birthday celebration in their classroom. I am not in favor of the idea, the only time I really spend on my kids birthday is during their first & seventh birthday, after and between that, it's always been a simple family dinner of some sort. When you work abroad, you try to compensate for the lost time with your kids by giving anything and everything they wish, mostly in material form. That's exactly what hubby tends to do with our children. He easily gives in to their wishes and most of the time I am the kontrabida (LOL). Oh well, I just try to understand and I realized, Acey, being a diligent student and a loving daughter, deserves her request.

Acey discussing with her Dad her upcoming birthday

A day before her birthday, I handed to her class adviser the birthday invitations to be distributed to her classmates so the parents would know of the free meal c/o of the birthday girl. 

the birthday invitation

I ordered 40 jollibee chicken joy and spaghetti for her classmates and teachers plus zesto juice. I also bought goldilocks cake and everyone was given a slice of that cake. The kids excitedly sung happy birthday for Acey and they enjoyed the sparkling candles I bought online last December. 

Acey's classmates sung her the birthday song

The smile on Acey's face...PRICELESS!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mom's 65th Birthday

February 02 was supposedly my mom's 65th birthday. She passed away 5 months ago. The pain we felt losing her hasn't lightened or changed a bit. It was too difficult to handle because it happened too fast, we were all in shocked. It hit us BIG TIME. God knows how much I try to suppress my emotions everytime I miss my beloved mom. God knows too how much I try to look at the brighter side of things. I know there's a reason for everything.

As her birthday draws near, I waited  for my brother to give me a go signal to order  catered food and even made a list of visitors to invite. However, I felt my brother is not fond of the idea. He just wanted a simple celebration, invite the sister of my mom and her cousin who were really close to our mom.

I thought of the birthday food that my mom would usually cook whenever member of the family is having a birthday. She will cook them whether you like it or not. Unfortunately, I did not learn her technique/s in cooking roastbeef. Good thing, my hubby and my sister were supportive of my idea and sent me the ingredients and directions in cooking a delicious and well tendered roast beef.

Our househelper is great at cooking pancit guisado and springrolls so I let her do that. I cooked the sipo egg effortlessly. But we fumbled a bit when it comes to roastbeef. Our househelper threw away the water used to boil the sirloin, that was needed in making the sauce or the gravy. There was no point of arguing and it was almost dinner time. I just thought of other way to make the gravy. I boiled 3 cups of water and threw in beef boullion, when it was already boiling, I added the sliced mushrooms to make it a little tender, afterwards, I added the cream of mushroom and voila! Perfected Roastbeef was served on the table right on time!!!

Main Course: Sipo egg, Roastbeef, Pancit Guisado, Spring Rolls
for dessert: brownies and Ube Cake from Red Ribbon
From the morning I clocked out of the office (GY shift), I attended the mass dedicated for mom, bought flowers, went home and checked what else is needed. I then went to supermarket to buy sirloin, got back to the house and slept for 2 hours. When I woke up, I went to La Pieta memorial to visit mom, then went straight to the mall to buy cake.

I was dead tired after the short celebration but I don't mind at all. I'm sure mom was happy with what I did for her birthday. She's happy at the thought I learned to master her food specialties. I know I can't thank her enough, no words can express how much I miss and love her.


Me & Mom, Jan. 2011 during my brother and his wife wedding anniversary celebration