Friday, January 30, 2009

Say Cheeseeeee!!!

Aside from chocolates, I love cheese, oh I really do and my eldest CJ inherited this from me. He never get tired of eating pandesal with Eden cheese on it every breakfast. Sometimes when we run out of something to eat in the house, we would gobble on cheese like little kids. the difference is, CJ is particular with Eden cheese and if you give him a different brand, he won't eat it. Unlike me, I love almost any kind of cheese, that is why i was so delighted when my sister from Qatar sent me Puck cream cheese spread. Since I work graveyard shift, I prepare our afternoon snack everyday, I always make sandwiches and the recent one was Bacon & Egg Sandwich with Puck cream cheese spread, it was heavenly!

Signing up with Paying Post

Every night you hear in the news companies closing down, retrenching employees and this all because of global crisis. This is scary and depressing at the same time especially if you are currently employed and the company you are working for is in the verge of closing down. Recently, Intel and Panasonic factories located in Cavite Philippines confirmed they will stop operating which means thousands of Filipinos will become jobless at the start of 2009.

I work for a call center and as early as now I’m contemplating on what to do just in case I’m one of those who will be on forced leave or worst be retrenched by our company. I’m the type of a person who always look at the brighter side of things no matter how obnoxious the situation is. However, I am also realistic and one of my plans of action is to resort to homebased jobs and concentrate on blog advertising. I like the thought of working in the comfort of my home.

I’ve been blogging for over a year now and have earned a few bucks from paid blogging, however, I seldom receive opps and I envy those bloggers whose blog is filled with paid posts. Admittedly, I inconsistently update my blog especially when busy with my regular job, but now, I am determined to focus on my blog, as a matter fact, I have just registered with Paying Post to earn extra income.

I discovered Paying Post from fellow bloggers. Signing up with Paying Post is definitely free. All you have to do is visit www. then click on the Blogger option and fill up the application form online. You maybe assured after 24 hours you will be notified through email of the status of your application. Once approved, the first thing that you do is to add your blog and install the code, this is important because failing to do so, would mean no opportunites to write and no extra income.

Becoming a Paying Post member brings a lot of benefits to bloggers. It lets you write your opinion on products and services from advertisers, it enhances your writing skills and predominantly gives you extra income you needed especially in this time of crisis.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Trendy, cheap & stylish eyeglasses

Last week, I accompanied my father in the dentist for tooth extraction. I was task to make an appointment with the doctor in his behalf. I bought the prescribed mefenamic acid and anti biotics right after our visit to the dentist. I feel good everytime I get involve in taking care of the health of my parents. One of my things to do for the year 2009 is to replace the eyeglasses of my parents. However, I need to plan for it really well. Aside from the fact that a big chunk of my budget will go to the finishings of our little abode, kids’ school expenses is endless.

Fortunately, I stumbled upon Optical4Less providing trendy & stylish framed eyeglasses. And the best about Optical 4less is its Free Worldwide shipping, amazing indeed! For a frugal consumer like me, this is the best option. I’ll check the website again and have my parents choose the design, oh by the way, my mom will be celebrating her birthday next month, this is an ideal birthday gift, don’t you think?


The new year is just starting and I need not hurry in ordering eyeglasses for my parents because once I do, Optical4Less provides fast delivery. Certainly, my parents will be excited to wear new eyeglasses from Optical4Less.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Family Pictorial

On the day of hubby's flight going back to Qatar, we decided to go to a photo studio before heading to airport for a family photo shoot. I decided to bring 2 different color tops for each so the pix will be a little bit formal. Days before that,I already have in mind we will be doing this thing. I wanted to change the family photo taken in 2004 displayed in our house. So I already knew what shirts to get from our respective cabinets/drawers. My favorite photo studio "Fotokido" was still close at that time but luckily, across the street, a wedding photo studio was already open and they accomodated us. We opted for unlimited shots and have it burned in a CD, then I chose the shots I like & had them printed by my friend Ednalee. Take a peek at our newest family photos:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


A fellow employee took the following picture exactly a week ago using a point & shoot camera. This is in front of our company office with its huge parking lot. I really think the shot is amazing and the thick clouds was so real.

Monday, January 19, 2009


I want to say my heartfelt thanks to Teena & Romely for passing this award to me.

The instruction is to enumerate the 5 current addictions I have and pass the award to 5 other Faboulus bloggers. So here it is:

1. Making no bake desserts. My latest is “banana & chocolate chips Tiramisu”.
2. Homestyle magazines.
3. Kiss & sniff my niece Nicole.
4. Email & chat with my Sis & hubby.
5. Internet…Blogging & Friendster.

I am now passing this award to: Arlene, Alpha, Heidi, Donnabelle, & Dylan.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Initial post for 2009

First, my apology for not updating my blog. This serves as my initial post for 2009. Like everyone else, I got too busy with the holidays and was engrossed with family bonding. Hubby arrived Dec. 10 and stayed for one month so it's perfectly justifiable to temporarily cease myself from blogging, meeting with friends and even working. Yes, I filed a planned leave for 2 weeks and it seems it wasn't enough.

I could sense from my hubby's face how happy & contented he was to be able to spend Christmas & New Year with me & his kids and also his relatives and what made it more exciting is to finally see in person the little house we have built (we moved there last September). Now, we are gradually working on the finishings of the house and the next time he comes home for Christmas, he'll witness a more beautiful newly painted abode.

We weren't able to go to other places like out of town due to family bonding and gatherings that are left & right. We got busy inviting relatives over to our new house. The only instance hubby and I spent time together alone was when we dined out at Rumpa Restaurant and watched "Iskul Bukul: The Reunion" after lunch at Kenny Rogers in SM.

John went back to Qatar last January 10 but he'll start working tomorrow. One time when I got home, CJ told me that he missed his Dada and hubby was so touched when I told him about it. While I was in SM last Monday, I suddenly missed John too because while he was here, we're often in SM to do grocery shopping.

Things are getting back to normal slowly. We all have to move on. We have to be thankful we had the opportunity to spend the happiest occasions as one family.

Regularly updating my blog from now on is one of my New Year's resolution and I'm certainly ready for that task.

Happy Year of the Ox Everyone!