Monday, January 24, 2011

Make Up Artist of the Night!

One of the things I am recently addicted to is reading beauty blogs and watching make up video tutorials in youtube especially those by my favorite and popular Michelle Phan and I learned a lot from it. I started buying make up of different brands but not those expensive ones, just those commonly known as drugstore make up such as Maybeline, Elf and I even bought Coastal Scents online.

I was finally able to maximize the use of those make up and applied what I learned from my favorite beauty bloggers during our Christmas party held last December. I came to the venue early so I could apply make up to some of my female officemates. Unfortunately, I was unable to take a photo of the ladies before the make up session started becase we were too eager to finish and start the party. Here's my finish product:

We call her Mommy O. I applied Myra E foundation as base and used pink and purple shade eye make up from my coastal scents palette

I used black and silver eye color make up for Jovy to perfectly match her outfit for the night
And for Toots, I chose subtle blue smoky eyes that made her flawless & radiant skin more obvious
So what do you think? Do I have the potential to become a professional make up artist?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Korean Dish: Healthy & Delicious!

I started to appreciate Korean Dish after dining in a Korean Resto a couple of times located inside New Well Being Spa & Hotel which is few meters away from our office. My officemates and I would go there for dinner when our palate would crave for veggies and something spicy

There are actually a lot of Korean Resto you can find in Clarkfield Pampanga. Koreans invaded our country and seems to enjoy their stay here. Anywhere you go, you will see them especially in malls. There is in fact a police station along Friendship hi-way dedicated for Koreans. Some of my officemates and friends enjoy a part time job by teaching Koreans to master the English language so they can easily communicate with non Korean speaking individuals

Ever wonder why Koreans have flawless skin? Have you noticed when watching Koreanovela, their actresses barely wear make up but still look fresh and radiant on cam? In my observation, it has something to do with the food they it. Their dish composed a little of meat but plenty of veggies. It is a common knowledge that vegetables are rich in fiber and helps to make you stay healthy. Also, they're fond of spicy food and whenever you eat something spicy, you tend to drink so much water, not to mention, they are tea drinkers of different kinds. So much intake of veggies and water helps eliminate regularly, in fact, everytime, I eat Korean dish, the effect is like doing cleansing diet the next day, I feel like all the toxins inside flushed out which made me feel clean and light. Because I like the effect, to eat in a Korean resto at least once a month is part of my new year's resolution

Below are pictures taken during our dinner date in a Korean Resto on different dates:

November 2010

December 2010

Korean Dishes we have tried so far:

gimbop sushi roll
Tukbokki rice cake
Dolsot Bibimbap...this is my favorite, a must try

samgeopsal grilled pork strips
different side dishes

Sunday, January 9, 2011

With Personal Touch

Christmas is over but I just want to share I made choco banana cream pie that I gave away to friends and god parents of my kids last holiday season. I have the option to just order pastries or cupcakes from friends but I want to give something with personal touch. I also made a sticker “ Whip It!” by Sweet AiDiSan and pasted it on the cover of the cream pie. A big cup of Bannofie pie or Banana Cream Pie in Starbucks is outrageously priced at 135 pesos.

Have a Sweet Sunday BloggerFriends!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Busy December

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

Let me start by greeting you Belated Merry Christmas and a Blessed and Wonderful 2011!

My December was a busy month. I attended 3 Christmas parties. I got busy brainstorming with my mom and sister-in-law about what to prepare for noche buena and media noche. Since we're living in the same compound, we decided to do it the potluck way, cook our own specialties and place them on one table so that all members of the family will just get their preferred dish.

The Christmas party of the QA department (where I belong) was held Dec. 10, 2010. We decided to do it early because we do not want to stress ourselves making reservations for venues, everyone knows that December is the peak season for almost all kinds of businesses, venues included. Our department's christmas party was a huge success! Everyone came in their best attire. The food was great. One of our teammate Lhen came in the venue early to do the table settings and the highlight of the occassion was the pictorial. Vic who has an innate talent in photography brought her DSLR and newly bought continous lights and transformed one corner of the venue into a professional photography studio. Suddenly, the team is composed of one whole cast of a Telenovela.

Two days after, my kids and I attended a family reunion on hubby's side. It was held December 12, 2010. Even if hubby wasn't here or wasn't able to come home for christmas, I make sure that me and my kids are present in his relative's gathering most especially if it is a family reunion.

Lastly, I also attended our highschoolbatch's christmas party held 4 days before christmas day. This was also the reason why only few of my batchmates were able to make it. We organized it especially for one batchmate who arrived from the United States to spend the holiday season here in the Philippines. She shouldered the expenses that night. We got Big Big discount because it was held in Wishing Well, managed by one of our batchmate.

So there, it was a December full of parties and happenings.