Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Money Matters

When our house was still under construction, my father and I decided to move the comfort room in the extended kitchen to have spacious living and dining room. When I receive the quotation from the architech for the said change, I was quite surprised with the additional expense. The estimate I have in mind was far from the actual quotation and I couldn't back out anymore. Thinking how to raise money at that time have put me into a lot of stress and I thought of Payday Loan as resolution.

Good thing, there are a lot of entities providing Guaranteed Cash Advance in times of financial crisis. Sometimes even when you try your best to budget everything, financial shortage happens from time to time. Payment for tuition fees of our kids, rent or insurance are some of the constant expenses we can not afford to take for granted , thus, we resort to borrowing money with reasonable Cash Advance Fee. Also, we choose money lending companies with fast & easy loan application process.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Marriage in Bliss

John and I had a whirlwind relationship. We met February of 1998 and after a month of courtship we got officially “on” and celebrated our first monthsary April 27, 1998. Six months after, we got married in a civil rites (no church wedding followed up to this time) and today we are on our 10th year wedding anniversary.

Like any other marriage, we had our ups & downs, we faced so many emotional, physical and financial challenges especially when hubby was forced to resign from their company after 7 years of loyal service. There came a point that we almost gave up on each other but because of true love and God being the center of our relationship, we surpassed the trials.

Marriage is a lifetime partnership. There is no better or more important role, both the wife and the husband plays a significant role in building a family. Learn to say sorry when you are at fault, communicate your deepest feelings to your partner (keeping secret from your partner is a big NO), set goals for the family together and thank God for your partner. These are just some of the important lessons I learned for the past 10 years I've been I married.

I can never imagine myself being married to someone else other than John. Hubby is God fearing, loving and selfless. He is my friend, partner, confidante, critic and adviser. I can’t thank God enough for giving me a husband like John. I'm overjoyed God gave us CJ & Acey to complete the family.

Civil Wedding: Oct. 27, 1998

Christmas 2004

January 2005

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is fast approaching and I noticed that some bloggers have blogged about their Christmas wishlists so I decided to make my own. The following are actually Christmas gifts I plan to buy for my family and myself as well. I really hope that opps will start pouring in so I'll be able to purchase these Christmas gifts, wrap 'em nicely and display them under our cutie Christmas Tree.

an RL bag i plan to give myself which i know i deserve

not sure if Crocs are "in" or available in Qatar and since hubby is planning to come home to celebrate Christmas with us, Crocs is what I wanna give him.

slowly, Acey is showing her interest in music and i'm sure this piano will make her christmas a memorable one

CJ is hooked playing his PS2, a bean bag will make him more comfortable and make his play even more enjoyable.

So there...what about you guys, have you thought of your christmas wishlists? Santa is waiting...hehehe.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Food Galore

October 04 was the second death anniversary of Lola Carling, the maternal grandmother of my husband. We get to bond with our in laws on occassions like these. Kids were happily playing while adults were busy preparing the food. One recipe I learned on that day was the Kani or Japanese Salad. I heard this is also available in Teriyaki Boy restaurant. We also had Pasta, Pink Salmon, fried chicken, sandwich and macaroni salad. No rice was served that night (replaced by the sandwich & pasta) but everybody went home with bloated stomach.

in charge of the kitchen- emy, me, auntie loleng & auntie ester

Pasta in red sauce

Pink Salmon matched with lemon butter sauce

kids all time favorite, fried chicken

kani salad

macaroni sala with gelatin

tired cooking AND eating:)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Baby

Nope...I'm not pregnant. I am referring to my niece Nicole. My sister left for Qatar last September 30 with a heavy heart because baby Nicole was left here since her visa isn't okay yet. My brother in law (Nicole's dad) will arrive on October 15 to fetch baby Nicole.

My mom and yaya Nits takes care of Nicole during the day and AT NIGHT, I'm the one in charge of my niece.

Having experience with kids, it wasn't a problem to sleep with Nicole and wake up every 2 hours to feed her. It's something I enjoy doing actually, the same feeling my sister had when she helped me with my own kids, she was still single then. I can vividly remember, whenever I'm not available to bring my kids to their pedia due to work, my sister would take the initiative to do it for me. On paydays, she would bring CJ and Acey to their favorite fast food for snack. She is the nicest person and loving sister everyone would wish to have.

My parents have instilled in us the value of family & taught us the give & take attitude, this is the reason why me and my siblings grew up helping one another, giving each other moral including financial support.

Going back to baby Nicole. In the morning of her second month birthday, I brought her to her pedia for DPT 5 in 1 vaccination.

Afterwards, I got busy preparing food to celebrate her birthday in the afternoon. We had pancit palabok , puto and pichi pichi that my mom bought in Susie's Cuisine, a famous store in Angeles City where you can buy variety of native pastries. I bought ube cake in Red Ribbon. Chocolate flavored cakes is no longer appetizing to me so for a change I decided to have Ube cake and it was really yummy. We also had fried chicken that I cooked for 2 hours and it took 10 minutes only for my family to finish it.

So there, it was a busy, happy and accomplished October 06 for me.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Anniversary New Look


To those who regularly visit my blog, you will notice a new lay out. I got this from The CutestBlogOnTheBlock shared to me by fellow blogger Marie.

I realized that there is something wrong with my old lay out. It's dark and sad looking and today is the perfect time to make a change because October 4 is my blog's first year anniversary...yipeee.

I also plan to create another blog in a few days dedicated to my newly constructed house. I want to share the gradual improvement of my little abode. As of this time, it doesn't have painting and some finishing but it's liveable, still, a great blessing to consider!

I thank God I gained friends and learned important life lessons from other blogger's personal experiences.

To those who take time to read my posts and exert effort to leave comment/s or message/ means so much to me. I make it a point I do the same whenever I visit other blogs.

Blogging will continue to be part of my online activity.

Happy Blogging to everyone...Cheers!!!