Thursday, June 24, 2010

How to be HAPPY

I got this from Andi Eigenmanns' blog, I hope she won't mind now that I'm reposting it here in my blog, anyway she it got this from someone else's blog...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sweet Treats on Father's Day

Aside from sending hubby a heartfelt father's day message in Facebook, I wanted to make him feel it’s really a special day for him so I ordered a father's day cake for him (for my dad and brother as well) even if he can’t have a taste of it since he’s several miles away.

It was a pre ordered cake, I was undecided what design I like, I just told Annali (the cake maker) any design for as long as the phrase “Happy Father’s Day!” is written on it. I was delighted to see the design of the cake, simple and cute. The icing or the sugar paste is not too thick so you can tolerate the sweetness coming from the sugar and most of all, we love how super moist the cake was.

I also made mango sago dessert. I ‘ve been wanting to do this last summer while mango fruit is in season, perfect dessert on a humid day but I had a hard time looking for sago (Acey calls it baby sago). When finally I was able to buy sago and found the easiest cooking directions in google, I lost the momentum doing it.

While buying ingredients for the pasta I brought in my brother-in-laws despidida party last Saturday, I also bought readily peeled and sliced mangoes. I have ready ingredients so there was no excuse for me not to make mango dessert. My family enjoyed and loved it!

Belated Happy Father's Day to all Wonderful Dads out there!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hair Accessory

As you all know, my daughter Acey was one of the flower girls in my brother-in-law's wedding. I knew right away that the color motiff was pale purple & gray. I was thinking of using tiara on Acey's hair so she would look like a little bride and when the wedding march was being discussed, it was mentioned that Acey would actually be the little bride, with the task to hand over the bouquet of flowers to the bride. It was actually Acey's first time to be part of a wedding entourage, so imagine my excitement?

I recalled Ciara Sotto's wedding where some of the female guests and member of her entourage wore hat as hair accessory and I loved it! I knew it was Mich Dulce's idea because she was bestfriend of Ciara. Quickly, I wanted Acey to use hat instead of tiara. I remember telling my sister-in-law about this kikay idea and was surprised when she texted me she was able to buy Acey an empress hat in dark violet in Divi. She even posted the picture in facebook, all the more I got excited for Acey

Acey wearing her empress at, isn't she lovely?

the actual photo that my sister in law sent me thru FB

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Wedding

June 08 was my brother in-law's wedding with his long time girlfriend Ria. Clark, the youngest among 6 male siblings (hubby is the second to youngest) finally tied the knot. I thought he's not gonna marry anymore after breaking up with his previous girlfriend for 8 years. Clark intentionally did not get marry early because he devoted his time taking care of their grandmother and my mom -in-law, who both passed away 4 years ago.

Time, money and effort were spent during the preparation, not to mention, stress was also experienced. I brought CJ and Acey to the place where gowns and barongs were rented month before the much awaited occasion for their measurements to allow the dressmaker finish the barong and gown on time. Despite that, we were only able to get the barong and gown a day before the wedding. Acey has to fit the gown 3 times before they can finally get the perfect measurement...stressful isn't it?

I am happy that the wedding was an enormous success. Everything was perfect from the wedding ceremony to the wedding reception. The audio visual presentations showing the old pictures of my in-laws with Clark when he was still a kid and the video message (which is my idea) from my hubby who's in Qatar suprised the groom and made him teary eyed.

I can assure the bride she's in good hands and Clark will be an ideal husband. I say this not because he's my brother-in-law but simply because I witnessed how loving he is as a son and brother, how considerate he is as a brother in-law and affectionate as uncle to his nephews and nieces.

I wish the newlywed happiness and more wonderful years together.

Now, take a look at the photos taken during the wedding.

with my kids

me and my good looking son CJ

me with my lovely daughter Acey

Acey, as the little bride, holding the bouquet of the bride

Acey marched in the wedding isle to meet the bride and hand over the bouquet

bride and groom...Clark and Ria

Friday, June 4, 2010

ZAPATA's again

As promised, I'm making a post about the dinner I had with my college friends. My girlfriends are fond of Korean food, something I can eat also but can't trade with Italian and Mexican food. I went with them one time to have lunch in a Korean Resto around friendship, I enjoyed it but not as much I enjoy my favorite Italian & Mexican food.

I told Michelle how delicious and tempting the Mexican servings in Zapata's, Josielyn second the motion. Michelle who happened to be a food lover and "let me try all" person like me, got curious and really made sure to dine in Zapata's was part of her itinerary in going here last Saturday when she visited her OB Gyne for a repeat papsmear. Imagine she had to travel all the way from Bangued Abra just to try the quesadillas and fajitas from Zapata's.

The Enchiladas Norte is a new discovery. I ask the waitress what menu she can suggest, something she can consider one of their best sellers and quickly suggested the enchiladas norte. A strips of breast chicken fillet wrapped in a tortilla served with Mexi rice. It was "oh so good" bite it with closed eyes while you relish it! Perfect! I'm actually craving for it as I write this post...wheeew!

Of course, this post is not complete without pictures taken during our dinner in Zapata's. Enjoy viewing them.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Reception at Abe's Farm Resort

Last weekend was a hectic schedule for me. I got home from work Saturday morning at around 7:30am, took a power nap and woke up at 9:00 am. My friends at work and I decided to attend the christening of our department manager's baby girl Samantha Sage on that day. Our meeting place was at Marquee Mall and I decided to be there an hour before our meeting time (11am) so I could spend it looking for a dress I could wear on my brother-in-law's wedding which is going to be next week, but I ended up buying Vidal Sasoon hair straightener.

Collyn came at exactly 11am followed by Mark. We bought a gift for the baby girl and while waiting for it to be wrapped, we did a pictorial in the next room where some of Marquee's furnitures are on display. We then headed to the reception at Abe's Farm Magalang. It took us more than 30 minutes to reach the destination. Some visitors were done eating while others just started coming in.




Even if I'm from Pampanga, I didn't know about Abe's Farm until I saw it on TV last March specifically in the show "Ang Pinaka" of QTV 11 where they featured different resorts around the Philippines. Abe's Farm is a private resort with only one big pool surrounded by different plants and trees. It's cottages are made of nipa hut. It has a resto that serves native food. I specially like the fern salad which reminded me of my late mother-in-law who used to prepare such with matching fried fish. The ube macapuno dessert is my ultimate favorite. The halaya ube does not contain ingredient to cheat the taste and it's authencity.

If you want to have peaceful vacation for any season or just a quiet time with your family or loved ones away from city noise, Abe's Farm is the perfect place to be.

We left the place almost 3pm. On the way home, I received a text from Josielyn telling me that our friend Michelle is coming for a doctor's appointment and she wanted to have dinner with us, wanna know here we ate?...well, that deserves another post. Stay tuned...LOL.