Saturday, May 30, 2009

Digg to discover more

Today's modern technology allow people to discover so many things such as movies, games, places, food etc. One day I checked my mailbox and was quiet surprise with an email confirming the registration of my kids in an online game. I told my kids to use the internet to reaserch about their assignment in school.

The value of internet is making our life easier. Just like what I have mentioned above, you can further research about the assignment of your kids. In my case, I look for recipes online especially when I expect friends or relatives planning to come over to our house. Most importantly, constant communication with my hubby who works abroad.

And my latest discovery in the world of internet is Digg, it is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web. Everything is on Digg, from news to videos to images and I can become a contributor in their community too plus I get the chance to discuss the topics I am passionate about with other members of the community. Also available in Digg is voip service

I have to go for now to digg about the latest in Hayden Kho's video scandal.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Small Business Loans

One of my teammates have informed me that our government established an entity named TESDA to provide scholarships to people within a certain community such as commercial cooking, baking & pastry, dress making and a lot of others intended for male scholars. Baking & pastry is the up coming course in our place and I really wanted to take advantage of this rare opportunity, however, my work schedule would not permit me to enrol in the said course, especially that kid's schooling will start second week of June. I suddenly envisioned myself that after taking a 7 week baking & pastry course, I'll start baking for sale and eventually put up my own bakeshop business. I will also seek the help of Small Business Loans for financial assistance. If you are looking for fast approval loans, Small Business Loans is the answer.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Presidential election here in the Philippines is slated in the year 2010 and presidential aspirants are all agog in the most anticipated election. As early as now, some future presidential candidates have confirmed their intent to run either for President or Vice President and as early as now you will see on TV their advertisement to relay their platforms. TV is a powerful medium to market themselves as presidential candidates but they may consider Political Dialing of My Voice Dialing. Political Voice dialing is the most cost effective and efficient way to deliver millions of unique messages/notifications for political campaign. It is fast, effective and economical.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SubDelicious Day

Last May 7 my teammates at work decided to eat in SubDelicious pizza house located in Fields Avenue in Balibago Angeles, right after our shift (we work GY shift). A lot of teams from different department in our company would order pizza in that pizza house for delivery especially during team buildings. We ordered the Manager's choice package that consists of the following:

refreshing iced tea

super large pizza good for 6-8 person

a must try buffalo chicken w/ blue cheese

Skin Potato with melted mozzarella cheese (not part of the Manager's Choice).

It was a great morning to bond with teammates whom you consider friends.
It was a perfect way to release stress from everyday work.
We will definitely eat out again and do some bonding moments like this.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Amazing benefits of Direct TV

I’m a TV person and every Sunday I’m glued on my favorite show ASAP’09. But there are times I get bored with the said program especially when it’s replay and I realized it is better if I am subscribed to direct tv. Direct TV uses the most advanced satellite technology with over 265 channels to choose from and more than 130 national channels in brilliant high definition. As a working mom, I deserve to relax and get entertained especially on my days off and I guess this is one of the objective of Directtv to it’s consumers which is why they came up with various programming packages that would mean big savings!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Child Custody

Actress TV host Ruffa Gutierrez have filed petition for full custody of her two daughters, Lorin & Venice. It can be remembered that the wedding of Ruffa Gutierrez and Yilmaz Bektas was labeled as wedding of the year. Famous people from showbiz & politics gathered for the said occassion and Ruffa was pregnant with Lorin at that time and Venice followed before Lorin celerated her first birthday.

They were a picture of a perfect family for a while, however, some good things never last. The separation of Ruffa & Yilmaz was quite a controversy, showbiz reporters feasted on the issue until it subsided. Now that Ruffa realized there is no chance for reconciliation, she filed for annulment and full custody of their children.

If I were in the shoe of Ruffa, I will do the same, to file full custody of my kids and if it happens I am not financially capable to do such, I would seek the help of lawsuit loans.

Anylawsuits aims to provide at providing the required funds that would help finance the ongoing lawsuit. For further info, visit You Want To Win Your Child Custody Case

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The best source for auto a/c compressor

I find the weather really weird and unpredictable here in the Philippines, maybe this has something to do with Global Warming. One time, after my graveyard shift I went home raining and the weather is cold and is conducive for sound sleep. I was surprised as soon as I as step into our house, the rain suddenly stopped and the sun came out.

I could not imagine myself inside a car in the middle of the scorching heat of the sun unless the aircondition is working well so I can travel comfortably. I always remind my bother to ensure that our vehicle is in perfect condition like the auto A/C compressor or diesel fuel pump whenever the whole family is scheduled to travel somewhere like Subic Bay. Discount compressor is the best source for automotive ac compressor and offer the lowest price on a/c compressor, condenser, drier and much more.

Nothing beats hassle free family travel.

Monday, May 11, 2009


To all fellow great moms, Happy...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

For Goodluck

Last Christmas, I gave two of my sister in law Buddha figurines. They were happy about it and excited to bring it in their respective house. I promised I’m gonna give them Chinese goodluck stuff every Christmas and they love that idea!

In March, my friends have given me a bracelet to bring goodluck in my life. It has a tiger (because I was born in that animal year) & Buddha figure in it and some ball stones with Chinese characters. They’re aware of my problem in finances so they thought the bracelet would help in a little way. Since then, I’ve been receiving remittances from relatives and I would say that the Chinese bracelet works for me.

I have saved an email regarding Feng Shui that talks on how you can arrange your house to bring in goodluck so I would know what to do in my own house. I tried to follow some of them. I may not be 100% believer of Feng Shui but it won’t make me any harm if I try it.

My favorite celebrity host Kris Aquino consulted a Feng Shui expert before the construction of her huge and big budgeted house and recently, she met another Feng Shui expert who advised her to revise the position of her kitchen and without having second thought, she spent millions for the kitchen reconstruction alone. But look at her now, her career continue to flourish and every show she has is a top rater.

Now, if you are in the process of building house or business, you may wanna try visiting Feng shui for wealth and prosperity and include some of the Feng Shui tips when finalizing the project.