Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Magnum Craze

I learned about Magnum Ice Cream from Chuvaness' blog. My friend Coline of PinkChinadoll and I agreed to give it a try last Friday. We headed to 7 eleven near our workplace and took the Magnum in Almond flavor. It has vanilla flavor ice cream inside that does not melt easily covered with Belgian Chocolate with almond bits. You can really taste the almond flavor in it...YUM!

The next day, after my son's interview in school where he will attend his highschool, we went to KFC for lunch and I felt he wanted something sweet after he savored the KFC chicken. Fortunately, there's 7 eleven in the mall so I told my son I'll buy him Magnum Ice Cream. This time, I took the Magnum Truffle Chocolate. For me, it was like chocolate ice cream covered with Belgian Chocolate and tasted like dark chocolate...YUM again!

I promised my daughter Acey, I'll have her try Magnum Ice Cream as well this coming weekend and Magnum Basic Flavor is on my mind...can't wait!

However, if I have to buy 3 Magnum Ice Cream each for me and my kids when we feel like doing sweet indulgence, I'd rather spend on Reese Selecta ice cream in pint that cost 154 pesos only and it's more than enough for us mag iina:)