Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CPAP Machines

I'm still on graveyard shift and I only had 3 hours of sleep, that was from 9am-12nn. I tried to sleep again but I just couldn't because it was unbearably hot. I need an aircondition room and CPAP Machines to achieve a restful and sound sleep. I heard CPAP machines cost less and sometimes free. I'm going to search about it once done with this post.

Avail of Discount Dancewear

One of the local celebrities I admire is Regine Tolentino. Aside from being a wife and a mom to 2 kids, she’s also a host, dancer and choreographer and a business woman. In fact she is the one designing and providing dance costumes to all celebrity participants in Lucy Torres long running program “Shall We Dance” from ABC channel 5. She revealed in one of her interviews that she developed her skill in clothes designing through her fondness of Barbie doll collections which we all know have elegant dresses. On the same note, Capezio, one of the world’s largest dance wear supplier, is giving away Discount Dancewear. So if a dance studio where your son or daughter is currently enrolled, you can suggest to get dance wear from Capezio at affordable and discounted prices.

Five Towns Homes

My friend Pao started her sideline as real estate broker last year and I am amazed at the amount of commissions she earned and continue to earn. She would excitedly tell me about her clients and successful deals. Through real estate business, she was able to save up for the equity of the unit she bought in the newest subdivision in town. I envy her work and earnings as real estate broker but I am not planning to venture on the same business at this time. I am happy with paid blogging and my regular office work. My good friend Pao encouraged me to make referrals and after every successful referral, she’ll give me a reasonable commission, sounds great to me.

I voluntarily accompany her in some of her trippings. This is where she brings her clients in the subdivisions she thinks would pass the criteria of her client and show model houses within that specific subdivision.

Pao is now in the process of creating her own website to where some of her busy clients can check houses, lots, condominiums or townhouses available for sale or for rent similar to Five Towns Homes for Sale website. This will be convenient for real estate broker and prospective client at the same time.

With Five Towns Homes, you can be assured you are dealing with trusted real estate agents. They have connections to help both buyer and seller in entire transaction and make it a point it is a successful deal.

sample of Five Town Homes house for sale

Monday, June 29, 2009

Friday Sickness

The moment my eldest CJ set foot at our house gate last Friday when he got home from school, he told me “Mama, I’m not feeling well”. I noticed his husky voice in the morning of that same day while preparing for school and I knew it will lead to colds & fever. I helped him change his clothes and I ask him to rest while I prepare his dinner. After eating, he took the needed medicines, Dimetapp and Dolan for his colds and fever respectively. I gave him a relaxing massage using lavender oil I bought in Robinson supermarket months ago. Funny thing is, my kids would sometimes pretend to be not feeling well just so they can avail of my relaxing massage service…hehehe. They love the soothing feeling after a massage from me.

With the AH1N1 pandemic, I get paranoid whenever my kids get sick even with the slightest fever although I knew that it was because of the rains that happened in the past days. I brought CJ to his pedia the next day and he prescribed ventolin expectorant in addition to the medicines he is already taking because CJ started to have dry cough and also to help avoid bronchitis from developing.

Today is Monday and I didn’t allow CJ attend school. He needed more rest probably until tomorrow.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lotto Results through Phone

Whenever I have nothing to do or when I’m commuting on the way to work , I day dreamed of winning in the lottery and spending my winnings. One thing for sure is my whole family will travel in and out of the country, establish franchise businesses and as a way of giving back for the fortune I receive, I’ll be giving out scholarships to kids willing to finish highschool and college.

I do bet in the lottery once in a while and when I do, I can’t wait for the result to come out wishing I’m one of the lucky winner of the powerball winning numbers. There are several ways to know the result aside from watching TV and read news papers. You can now can get lottery numbers results directly to your phone. Any subscriber can know if the numbers are winning numbers in seconds after the daily lottery draws. Isn’t that cool?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Boise Painting

I’ve been blogging about my goal to have my house painted after rainy season or before the year ends. I’ve also been visiting websites about home & style & reading home magazines to get an idea of what paint color I want for every area of the house. I noticed what’s in nowadays are pastel colors paint. I prefer our master bedroom to be dominantly beige in color with a little touch of brown color in it to achieve a zen & neat look. I’m still confused what color I like in my kids’ room and the living room as well. In fact, I have cut outs of areas of the house with paints that I want to copy.

I’ll ask my brother to help me find a skilled painter to do the house painting. Of course, I do not want my money to be wasted, my husband’s approval and satisfaction is one of my considerations too. Neighbors & acquaintances volunteered to do the job but I won’t take the risk. I want an experienced & knowledgeable painter. If budget permits, Boise Painting will be a great idea to ensure success of the house paint job and full satisfaction on my part.

I can not wait to accomplish this goal and I can not wait to see a dramatic transformation of my house.

My Homebuilder

My sister used to work in one of the home builders here in Pampanga and while my house was still under construction, my sister would accompany me to buy materials such as vinyl tiles, toilet bowls and fawcets and get big discounts. I did not bother to check materials and prices from other homebuilders because usually home builders are located in the same street and they offer the same prices. With the home builder that my sister used to work for, they offer wide array of selection, also, people working there who happens to be friends of my sister are kind enough to educate me of the difference of materials with different brands, thus helping me decide with my choices. Knowledgeable staff and quality materials is what new home builders winston salem offers to its current & prospective buyers.

Goodbye to the King of Pop

Before I went home from work this morning at around 6am, I learned that Michael Jackson, the King of Pop died of cardiac arrest through the AOL Welcome screen. It was actually Pao who learned the shocking news. She was reading about the passing of Farrah Fawcet and the headline was changed to the death of Michael Jackson.

Jacko's personal & career life has been controversial. He was also involved in scandals like child molestation but nobody's perfect afterall. I think Michael Jackson deserves our love & respect for making so many people happy with his songs, energetic & awsome performances not to mention his incomparable contributions to the music industry.

Thank you and Goodbye Jacko. Your music will forever be remembered.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

For Arts Sake

My kids are aware that I hate to draw, can't even draw an apple image, worst, even I can't appreciate my own drawing which is why when I need to help my daughter with her assignment and it requires me to draw, oh boy, it feels like forever to finish the assignment. No wonder why Acey is not fond of drawings too. My eldest CJ, can not draw what is being ask in his assigment like " a kid keeping the room clean" or "a kid praying before bedtime'" but he is good at drawing anime and superheroes, maybe because it is something he enjoys watching.

I can dance, I can act but I must admit I do not have talent in fine arts although I can appreciate paintings or drawings in canvass or any framed artwork like the Victoria Montesinos. I also look forward of having the opportunity to attend art gallery exhibits. I love to see flowers framed art work hanged in our living room while I prefer wall decals in our bedrooms. When we were still living in an apartment, I bought a few frames and my helper then observed and asked me why all the drawings in the frame I bought are all flowers and I actually do not know the answer. So now that I have my own house and when I have the budget to have it painted, I will buy frames that will complement the color of the paint and it doesn't have to be flower drawings this time.

Beware of Sex Offenders

Todays technology such as computer & internet is such a huge help to everyone. It makes life easy. However, no one & nothing is perfect. Recently, the Hayden Sex Video scandal is all over the internet and it has put local actress Katrina Halili and other girls in the limelight in a shameful and negative way. Now the issue is in the court and it still uncertain if justice will be achieved on the part of Katrina Halili if it was said there has been no law or bills submitted in the congress with regard to this issue.

Even in chats and blogs, there are insane people who will leave you with sex offending messages meant to destruct or annoy you. Fortunately, sex offender report website was created and available to protect anyone and everyone especially our kids. It aims to keep us safe from sex offenders who might be living next to our door.

Loans & Collaterals

Everytime hubby and I would chat, we always touch base on the things we want to buy or we want to happen. One of those is to bring our kids in Hongkong Disneyland during summer vacation. He also encourage me to enroll in driving school because he made a promise he will buy me a car. However, these are not possible at this time. The completion of the finishing touches of our house is our prioprity. I know in time, we will be able to accomplish all our goals especially now that there are a lot of ways to get help. Have you heard about Auto Title Loans?

Auto Title Loans may be used as your collateral in applying for loan.The maximum loan amount varies, but is generally no greater than 80 percent of the value of your vehicle. The application process can be completed in less than one hour and you can even pick up the funds the same day. Even if you have bad credit you can get an auto title loan. Further, if you happen to have Auto Title Loans Hayward or Auto Title Loans Fresno , the percentage or chances of your loan application to get approve is very high.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yummy Moments in Cebu

The best part when we were in Cebu is whenever Pao and I will go to Ayala Center Cebu for lunch or dinner. We are confused as to which resto to dine or have lunch. After heavy meal, we'll do some walking so that our stomach will have space for desserts. I am sharing the photos of the mouthwatering food we feasted on while in Cebu. Enjoy viewing them.

Dinner in Lemon Grass, a Vietnamese & Thai Resto. My first time to try Pad Thai & Thai iced tea

Dinner in Casa Verde Restaurant. I ordered "The Dax" that consists of steak & shrimps while Pao relished the Barbecue Ribs. We also had potato skin for appetizer.

Blueberry muffin for me and chocolate cake for Pao from a coffee shop in NAIA.

Blueberry cheesecake and Achocolypse cake for me & Pao respectively. This was from Dessert Station in Ayala Center Cebu. We were in heaven after eating these irresistable desserts.

The Hanging Cabinets I like

I was browsing Friendster few days back and I got to see the photos of the different parts of the house of my friend residing in Abra province. The only finishing touch lacking is the painting, the same thing in my own house. I fell in love with the hanging cabinets installed in her kitchen. I ask my friend where she got those cabinets and she told me she bought them in home builder store in their province and she assured me there are exactly the same hanging cabinets available in our place too because she make time to canvass for materials & furnitures everytime she's here in Pampanga.

I always surf the net to look for the design I like for my hanging cabinets in my kitchen and I stumpled upon Orlando Cabinets. They have wide array of designs to choose from. I want mine to be made of wood and if time would come I can afford to buy such, I know what to look for and if in case I would hire somebody to create one for me, I won't have a hard time describing it, in fact I have saved in my computer the picture of the hanging cabinet I really like for my kitchen. I already told my hubby about it and he agreed it will make my kitchen look beautiful.

eBook Search Engine

I'm not a bookworm but I read a few number of books in the past and there are still other books I want to read like Tuesdays with Morrie, Men are from Mars : Women are fom Venus, however, due to busy schedules and budget, I can not afford to buy those books and finish reading them. But the good news is, there is now such a thing called electronic books or ebook for short, and if you happen to forget the title of the book you want to read, simply use Search for any book on eBook Search Engine. This search engine may find the book even if you don't remember the exact title because it uses the text of the book too. Most of the books are in pdf format.

Property Management

I was watching news earlier and the highlight of the news is storm signal number two named Feria. It is expected to hit Manila tonight between 9 to 11pm. I hate it when it rains. It’s such a hassle to go out of the house to work. Also, the roof in our comfort room located in the extended kitchen leaks especially during heavy rains. I’m looking at the entirely of our house and I realized I needed huge amount of money for its painting and to figure out the cause of leaks in the comfort room. I realized too the importance and advantage of hiring property preservation specialists to maintain the beauty of the house especially if there is plan to sell it in the future. I think rich people hires property management and won’t mind spending extra money for it as long as the maintenance and development of their property is ensured to add maket value to it.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Accor Hotels

The hotel that we were billeted in Cebu City is called Golden Peak Hotel, it’s a 21 storey building located near Ayala Center Cebu. The bellboy & the driver who fetch us in Mactan airport are friendly and were smiling at us as we approached them. I like the rooms that was given to us, tidy and big enough for two people and I love the free breakfast buffet that came with the hotel package our company has chosen for us.

On the same note, Cebu Pacific and Philippine airlines are giving out affordable rates to encourage more passengers especially Cebu Pacific and sometimes the rates are unbelievably cheap and no wonder why a lot of my officemates have already been to Singapore, Bangkok, Hongkong & Macau. After grabbing an airline promo and booked a flight, then next thing you pay attention to is the hotel or accommodation while visiting the neighboring countries. Our manager have given me an idea about Accor hotels. I told her before that hubby and I would want to go to Bangkok, Thailand as our anniversary to ourselves.

Incidentally, Accor has a promo called “Accor Hotels City Super Sale”. Hotel rates in 27 cities across 10 countries in Asia Pacific are being reduced in Accor's new "City Super Sale"

Travelers will be able to take advantage of savings of up to 60% when they book on-line between 23 - 29 June, for stays between July 10 and September 30, 2009. Over 250,000 room nights will be on sale, with rates starting as low as US$25 per night. This great deal is simply irrisistable however, this promo is for limited time only.


Monday, June 22, 2009

A productive & enjoyable Cebu Trip

It's been over a week since my trip in Cebu. I've been trying to find time to blog about it but I'm not yet in the mood to do so until tonight though I already uploaded the photos in my friendster account.Finally after more than 30 years, I experienced to ride a plane, FUNNY but TRUE. One thing I regret in my life is not giving myself a chance to tour the Philippines and perhaps visit other countries and get to know different cultures. As I have mentioned in my previous post, the fartherst place I've been to in the Philippines is Baguio. I frequent this place when I was still single while working for an insurance company. We hold our conferences usually in the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

Going to Cebu for a business trip is a big deal to me but I had second thought 'coz I worried about my kids and their schooling but I guess the Cebu trip is really meant for me. The start of classes was re-scheduled week after my Cebu trip due to rains and AH1N1 issues. Another thing, Pao was task to join me. Pao is a fellow Analysts and a friend. We love to eat, giggle & laugh loud. It's also Pao's first time in Cebu and ride a plane...hmmm, I smell adventure.

June 10 was the scheduled trip. The company driver dropped us off to NAIA at 6:30am but our flight is at 12:00nn. Yes, we patiently waited for almost 6 hours because we have no other choice. The company driver still have other employees to pick up from other branch of the company within Manila. We spent time talking, eating, roaming around the terminal as if it was a mall and taking power naps. We checked in our luggage at 10:am and at exactly 12nn we're off to Queen City of the South via Cebu Pacific flight 5J 567. I was feeling okay since the plane's take off and after it landed, that's something I like about myself, I don't get dizzy or feeling nauseaous everytime I travel, whether by land or by air. I'm just not so sure if it's an international flight at a minimun of 6 hours. However, my friend Pao had a migraine attack but it was for a short moment.

We arrived at Mactan airport 30 minutes earlier than expected. Good thing the hotel driver assigned to fetch us is already waiting for us. He drove us straight to the hotel. We had time to unpack our stuff and rest. It was graveyard shift for 2 nights in Cebu office. The QA talk which is our main purpose for going there was a success! Our office in Cebu City is located in IT Park near Waterfront Hotel and it's like Makati with buildings around and there are other establishments under construction. On the ground floor you will find Starbucks, Jollibee, KFC and the likes. You will go home empty pocket every payday if you don't know how to budget your money.

We didn't have time to visit the tourist spots in Cebu like Magellan Cross and the Sto Nino Church, it was purely business. We enjoyed the Ayala Center Cebu and have good meal in different restos inside, the yummy moments will never be forgotten. Of course, a trip to Cebu wouldn't be complete without going to Ta-boan to buy danggit, pusit and dried mangoes. We were warned by some fellow Analysts who did a QA talk in Cebu prior to us to go to Ta-boan before taking a bath. We also brought home lechon Cebu for our family.

On our way home (still via Cebu Pacific), there are so many expats in the same flight and I noticed one female attendant being extra nice & attentive to foreigners. Also, I'm a bit disappointed instead of giving free snacks to passengers, the attendants will roll the cart and sell breads, chips & drinks with 100% mark up value...goodness!!! We landed in DMIA (Diosdado Macapagal International Airport) in Clark. It was a super safe trip.

The travel and visit to Cebu was an experience and I'm glad to share that with a good friend Pao. The trip de stressed and rejuvenated me. Hopefully there will be next time.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Greetings!

To my dearest John,


for being strong when I'm weak..,

for staying positive when I look at things in a negative way..,

for being at my side when I feel helpless..,

for making me feel LOVED and most of all...

for simply being the FATHER to our kids CJ & Acey.

We love you so much Da!

Happy FATHER's to you and to all the dads out there.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Multiplayer Games

I noticed my kids are fond of playing games online but I honestly don't know the specific games they play, as long as it's wholesome, no problem with me. Most of the time, I usually hear farmtown in Facebook and one time while my daughter Acey is busy playing games online, I looked at the PC monitor and was amazed she's playing and at the same time chatting with some players.

During our trip to Cebu, the company driver dropped us at NAIA domestic airport at 6:30am but our trip is at 12nn believe it or not, so we have to wait for 5 hours for our flight. How I wish we were bringing laptop at that time and airport is WIFI ready so we could try multiplayer games,8c1.net.http://www.8c1.net while waiting for 12nn to strike.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Dream House

Last December, my friend Wheng and her family visited me in our newly constructed house. She admired me and my husband for being able to produce a simple house we can call our own. She attempted to avail of housing loan in financing companies everytime she finds lot property for sale which she thinks affordable. However, financing firms will not grant or approve the amount she needed and worst, an equity is still required. A few weeks back, she emailed me to inform me she gave up the idea of continuing her goal of having her own house, she said it is impossible at this time to push through with her plan. I feel her frustrations, I kept on encouraging her and referred her to my colleague Pao who happens to be a real estate broker. I also advised her to seek the help of Real Property Management.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stock Trading

Our company would like to help us invest for the future which is why there were several housing, insurance and stock trading companies that visited our company site mainly to educate us about their products. For them, this is the best time to invest so that we have something to reap in the future when we retired and no longer capable of working. I can not recall the discussions about investing in stocks but I’m interested investing in it, if not now maybe in the near future, however, I would like to become knowledgeable about stock investments, Stock Trading and the likes. Fortunately, MySMP exists. Mysmp stands for My Stock Market Power! Mysmp.com has been created to empower investors - beginners to advanced, with a place to learn winning stock trading, day trading and other trading strategies. MySMP is one of only 400 blogs in the Forbes.com Ad Network, has been featured on Yahoo Finance.com and about.com and is a content provider for tradingmarkets.com.

My husband and I was able to produce a house last year and our next goal is to save either through bank savings or stock investment. We want to make sure that when we get old, we have our own money to spend for vacation and medications. We do not want to depend on our kids because whether we like it or not, they will have their own family to take care of.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Acey's New Look

Here is my little girl with her missing two front teeth...so proud & happy.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Enrichment Program

I decided to transfer back CJ in Achievers School so that he and Acey will be in the same school. CJ took the entrance exam and was required to attend a one month summer program based on the result of the exam. Achievers School is more advance in terms of academics compared to CJ's former school which is Mary Immaculate School.

After one month of schooling, they had the Summer Enrichment program held last May 22 in SM Clark.

Today is back to regular schooling. My eldest CJ is in grade 4 while my youngest Acey is now a prep student. I made sure they have the same schedule which is 10am so that after my shift at night, I have enough time to prepare their school stuff including their assignments.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rustic Furnitures

One time I was cleaning our masterbedroom and I realized it’s about time to replace the king size bed my hubby and I have been using for 11 years. I prefer a queensize bed this time so there will be space for side tables to where I can place scented candles, picture frame and lampshades. Sometimes I have problem sleeping and it gives me restless feeling and so I believe a dramatic transformation of our room will help resolve my sleeping problem. Changes would mean new bed and lampshades and I want to try rustic furniture. I see lot of beds made of wood whenever I roam around in the furniture section of department stores, physically they look appealing but one major consideration when I buy furniture is the quality. It should be something that will last for decades.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Good news! The Philippine Deposit Insurance Corp. raised the insurance coverage of bank deposits from 250,000 pesos (US$182,88) to 500,000 pesos (US$36,577). This is to give depositors peace of mind and avoid mass withdrawal which happened recently when some Philippine Banks usually rural banks claimed bankruptcy due to global economic recession.

Depositors should be aware of anything involving their money in the bank like insurance deposit coverage, time deposit rates including bank CD rates to avoid financial mismanagement.

Drive Safely

Famous actor and endorser Richard Gutierrez had an accident last May 22 where he and another companion had minor injuries while his long time personal assistant named Nomar died on the spot. It was said that Richard was driving his 7 million sports car when the accident happened. One reason that caused the accident was because the matinee idol was unfamiliar with the place and maybe he was tired from the taping.

It was a traumatic experience for Richard but life must go on. I believed he started accomplishing his usual showbiz commitments and coping well after the accident with the support of his family and friends.

Car enthusiasts should learn from this accident. Always drive safely especially if you are with your loved ones. More importantly, make sure to check the car like the steering rack , it should be in the best condition especially when engaging in long drive.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Furniture Wishlist

I did a house general cleaning this morning. I want to make sure that everything is in order before my Cebu business trip. At first I do not know where to dump the old text books of my kids until I saw the small side cabinets in our living room with 3 layer shelves. I still placed them in the living room temporarily ‘til I have the money to buy Living Room Furniture probably before end of this year.

We just got back home from SM Clark. While my companions are busy doing the grocery, I decided to roam in the furniture section of SM Hypermarket and there I saw a console table and bed frame I am dying to have. I also plan to replace my kid’s drawer with Walt Disney design. I will definitely save for all these stuff but they’re part of my wishlists for now.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wedding & Pregnancy

I am not a fan of local actress Judy Ann Santos but I admire the way she kept her "silent wedding " with her long time boyfriend Ryan Agoncillo away from the public and the press or media to achieve a solemn & peaceful wedding. Only people really close to them were invited and the principal sponsors consisted of low profile individuals. I can't help but compare Juday's wedding with that of Ruffa Gutierrez. The latter had the grandest wedding every girl will dreamed of. High profiled celebrities and politicians were present but sad to say, Ruffa's marriage didn't last. Now her petition for annulment is on going in Turkey. She also filed full custody of her kids, Lorin & Venice.

I hope Judy Ann started a trend through her "Silent Wedding style". Now they are working on having a baby to complete the family. Talks about her infanticipating spread in the newspapers are all untrue and false alarm. I suggest that she read books and surf the net to get tips about natural way to get pregnant.

First ever Cebu visit

I will be going to Cebu with my fellow QA Analyst Pao on Wedenesday next week. Yes, you read it right, this is going to be my first time in the Queen City of the South and believe it or not, this is the farthest place I've ever been to within the Philippines. It's going to be purely business trip but of course Pao and I will find time to visit the ever famous Magellan's cross and the Sto. Nino Church and we will be able to plan ahead after we receive the final itinerary on Monday. Originally, this should have happened last month and I agreed to go while kids are on vacation even if it means I will have no companion but due to delays on the final budget, it was moved this month and fortunately Pao will be joining me.

Our manager made sure that part of the service in the hotel we will be billeted is the transfer service. She took into consideration this is our first trip to Cebu and for all of us to have peace of mind, we requested the hotel driver to pick and drop us in the Cebu airport and if that is not possible, we will avail of car rentals just like the cheap car hire for faro airport in UK. But we are more than willing to take a cab going to and from the hotel and our Cebu office to make it more thrilling and be familiarized with the place.

Tomorrow is my day off and I'll make sure that my kids are ready for their back to school drama at the same time, I'll start packing to make sure everything I need is in my luggage.

Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where to get help about skin problems

My sister in law residing in Chicago Illinois have been giving me tips on how to have good skin and slimmer body and I guess she is credible in sharing such tips. I commend her for maintaining an ideal weight for her age and young looking skin as well. I kidded if she is a regular client of Lakeview dermatology and undergone laser hair removal in chicago due to her unbelievable hairless & smooth skin especially her legs.

Belo Medical Group and Calayan Surgi Center are two of the famous beauty clinic all over the Philippines. Our local & famous celebrities are usually their client & endorsers at the same time. It is easier for people to believe in the service & products of both beauty clinics whenever they see impressive physical improvement of their endorsers.

On the same note, Lakeview dermatology is a leading dermatology clinic in the Chicago area specializing in laser acne treatment, hair removal treatment, liposuction, Restylane treatment and other skin care treatments. They provide treatments to many skin conditions as well as cosmetic, medical and surgical treatments. Lakeview Dermatology is led by Dr. Eugene Mandrea and Dr. Steven Mandrea and located in Park Ridge - Chicago Illinois.

If I have the means, I'll invest in achieving a smooth, spotless & creamlike complexion, because if you have good skin, you look tidy, fresh and everything follows.

So Pretty

I stumbled upon a picture of hollywood actress Rachael Leigh Cook, I actually saved it. This is the type of beauty that I really like. Forever young looking and innocent. However, when I look at her other pictures in the web, it's not as pretty as this one. Oh well, sometimes we look different on a various photos.