Friday, September 12, 2008

Hi & Low

Acey recently had Urinary Track Infection (UTI), and now she's suffering from Tonsillitis. She is taking Cefalexin anti biotics. I didn't let her attend school today so she could rest. She can hardly move her neck, still, she try her best to eat some of her favorite food but she already lost some weight. Based on my observation, the reason why she had tonsillitis is because she would immediately drink cold water after playing. The weather was so hot the past week so the girl would pick her bottled water that I usually place in the chiller. I hope & pray she'll be fine soon. I feel low whenever kids aren't feeling well.

On a lighter note, Acey is top 2 in her class with an average grade of 92%. I just got CJ's classcard today and I'm happy with the result of his grades. He got good grades despite failing exams on some of his subjects. His teacher has given me honest feedback regarding my son's behavior in school. The teacher knew that CJ is innately intelligent and smart, however, he sometimes lacks motivation in school especially when he's focused in playing computer games.


Imelda said...

Its tough to have inflamed tonsils. I had fever for 4 days during its first attack on me.Hope she'll be fine, soon. Sis, every after a drink of coke or any sweet drinks, always let her drink water.

Congrats to ur handsome son.He's doing good.

nelson said...

poor acey... i hope she gets well soon. mouthwash gargles thrice a day could also lessen the inflammation. no more cold beverages for now coz that's gonna worsen it.

congrats to cutie boi CJ (or was it acey, i think i got confused there). it is normal for school kids to get easily distracted so the parents' guidance is the answer.

Roanne said...

Poor Acey, well, that's part of life. My nephew had that problem too. If she continues having that problem, tonsillectomy would be the best option. It's also a common operation, so you shouldn't have to worry much. Although any type of surgery is always dangerous and not an exact science, just try to have her avoid eating sweets. Look up tonsillitis on the internet to get more insight on the condition so you will be aware of prevention and other factors of tonsillitis. Anyway, she's obviously a smart girl and you should explain to her about that condition and the actions she needs to take to avoid it from happening again. Congratulations to her for keeping up her grades. Hopefully, she'll live up to that expectation throughout her student life. With regards to your son, I know how you're feeling because I have the same problem with my own son. He just turned 10 last month. Same comments from the teacher, he's a very bright boy, but his focus seems to be elsewhere. I've had to take away his games on Sunday nights and return them on Friday nights when he finishes his homework. They've only started school 3 weeks ago, so not much change yet. Hopefully in time, things will change. Just continue to motivate him to strive his best and let him know that you still love him despite his failures. Always assure him that you're always there for him and that you'll always be around if he needs your help. Well, I have to go for now. This is a good way for you to get advice from friends and others that you don't even know. At least you'll have different opinions from different cultures and hopefully they will help you in raising the kids. I'm not so open to doing the same though. Kudos to you and Godspeed. You're doing a great job.

AiDiSan said...

Thank you so much Imelda, Bobot & Roan for commenting in this post, most especially to your individual sound advice, greatly appreciated. I brought Acey to her pedia yesterday and her tonsils are okay, she had stiffneck that's why she can hardly move her neck. So now I massage her neck in passive motion with either warm water or alaxan gel, she's doing fine now. My Sunday is great knowing my kids are fine and active as usual.

Thank you again friends:) God Bless!