Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm back!

It's been over a month since my last update here in my blog. I was on hiatus temporarily because I got busy participating in the "Love to Watch, Love to Bid" promo of QTV 11 and I didn't win, I can hear spoiled brat Angelina shouting "Such a Loser!!!" right in my face. But that’s fine, more freebies are up for grabs in the QTV promo in the coming months.

I visit other blogs once in a while, especially food blogs. You know how much I love to learn new recipes. Everyday, I ‘m tuned in to Quickfire & My Favorite Recipes before I help my mom prepare dinner. Proud to say I’m able to execute some of the recipes, in fact, I made chicken waldorf salad & potato skin during my son’s recent birthday celebration and my in laws were impressed. I wanna try making Mango Custard cake and Bread Budding one of these days.

Aside from the QTV contest , learning new recipes & being a TV addict, I’m also busy being a mom and a QA Analysts. I realized I missed so many opps, so now I’m back to blogging and that’s a promise.


Mina said...

tandadanannn...and the voyage continues:)

nelson said...

hmmm... napanood ka ba sa tv?? sayang we dont have orbit where kapuso channels are shown... nways, welcome back!!

catherine said...

Thanks for stopping my blog. I have not been visiting my blogger friends for long while but I never forgot you all!

Jackie said...

ala tana man dala. lol