Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Family Bonding at Marquee Mall

As promised, I brought my kids to Marquee Mall last Sunday afternoon (Nov. 29). First, we went to the toy section of Metro Department Store, then to Toys R Us so my kids will give me an idea what xmas gift they want, but Acey got confused at first, she can't decide which Christmas toy gift she really prefers so I helped her decide and stick with Disney Princesses dolls and it should be the three of them...Snowhite, Cinderella & Sleeping Beauty. While CJ is choosing between Ben10 action figures preferably Big Chill and Dinosaurs collectible items and it's name should start with letter A (that's how specific my son is). So now I know what, which and where to buy those gifts. I treated them to McDonals afterwards, coke float is their forever favorite. We dropped by at the supermarket while waiting for the chicken McDo & coke float to digest and the most fun part for my kids is letting them play in the play area. Seeing them having a blast is truly my heart's happiness!


Heidi said...

looks like the kids had a lot of fun!

Tehnoking said...

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