Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kids love Snack Time

Sometimes I make an effort to make special snack or merienda for kids. Their current favorite is anything with cheese like pizza. My daughter Acey is always willing to help me prepare snacks for them and started to admire me for being able to copy simple recipes in the internet. It’s actually my indirect way of telling my daughter if there’s one thing you’ve been meaning to do, go for it. She wish for me to have a bigger oven that will enable me bake cakes and cookies and put up my own bakeshop eventually. Her wish is my prayer. I can not imagine spending another 10 years in a call center, which is why I’m saving up for an oven and enroll for a basic baking course to enhance my baking skills and while waiting for that to happen, I have mastered making no bake cheesecake and banana cream pie.

I made hotdog & cheese sandwich ala Jolly Hotdog two Saturdays ago and baguette pizza for today. Incidentally, my son’s classmate who happens to be a distant relative was here to enjoy the snack as well.

Our tummies are full and happy.

Have a great weekend!!!


Dimmpss said...

Looks yummy! I don't have plans of having dinner but your pictures made me hungry. Now, I need to have a bite. Heheh!

collynn said...

I want to try your banana cream pie! Don't worry mommy, just keep on praying and eventually, you'll have your oven pretty soon! =)and then we can trade cakes and other luscious desserts! but first, I want a banana cream pie!!! =)

AiDiSan said...

@Marj...thanks for the comment, if you feel like eating...GO...we only live once

@Collyn, yes dear, don't worry i'll bring banana cream pie in the office one of these days

nelson said...

Wow... looks so yummy!

AiDiSan said...

Thanks Nelson:)