Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Beauty Junkee's 3rd Blog Anniversary

One of my favorite blogger, Ms. Martha of "The Beauty Junkee" is celebrating her 3rd blog anniversary and she's giving away 70k plus worth of prizes to her loyal readers! I have been busy with my career and personal life which is why I'm a bit late in joining her blog contest/give away. I will regret if I let this give away just slip away. Win or lose, I will always be a loyal reader of her blog because I enjoy learning a lot from her. I promised myself, as I near the age of 40, the more I'll continue reading beauty blogs just like "The Beauty Junkee". I want to keep myself updated with news regarding prettifying oneself.

I am replying to TBJ's questions: 

"What did you learn from The Beauty Junkee? 

I learned to appreciate more the morena skin, you can use any shade of eyeshadow or clothes for as long as you wear it with confidence regardless of skin color and more than make up, what really makes a woman beautiful is what she feels inside and her disposition in life. She knows her priority and even if you're face with personal problems, it shouldn't affect your job or the people around you.

"What else would you like to see in The Beauty Junkee's blog?" 

More beauty and fashion tutorials and maybe cooking demo of a menu that you learned to love in one of your food adventures. This I think will help you when you settle down in the future.

If ever I win, I'll be happy to receive either the Pro Beauty Loot or Modern Woman Loot.

For detailed information about the contest please visit "The Beauty Junkee's 3rd Anniversary Give-Away"

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nelsonRN said...

Did I just read "70k" worth of prizes? That's big time :)