Saturday, May 16, 2009

Child Custody

Actress TV host Ruffa Gutierrez have filed petition for full custody of her two daughters, Lorin & Venice. It can be remembered that the wedding of Ruffa Gutierrez and Yilmaz Bektas was labeled as wedding of the year. Famous people from showbiz & politics gathered for the said occassion and Ruffa was pregnant with Lorin at that time and Venice followed before Lorin celerated her first birthday.

They were a picture of a perfect family for a while, however, some good things never last. The separation of Ruffa & Yilmaz was quite a controversy, showbiz reporters feasted on the issue until it subsided. Now that Ruffa realized there is no chance for reconciliation, she filed for annulment and full custody of their children.

If I were in the shoe of Ruffa, I will do the same, to file full custody of my kids and if it happens I am not financially capable to do such, I would seek the help of lawsuit loans.

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cpsanti said...

heehee. i remember, when i was in turkey for a conference, my dean actually asked the tour operator if she knew ylmaz bektas ;-) i bust a gut laughing