Saturday, May 9, 2009

For Goodluck

Last Christmas, I gave two of my sister in law Buddha figurines. They were happy about it and excited to bring it in their respective house. I promised I’m gonna give them Chinese goodluck stuff every Christmas and they love that idea!

In March, my friends have given me a bracelet to bring goodluck in my life. It has a tiger (because I was born in that animal year) & Buddha figure in it and some ball stones with Chinese characters. They’re aware of my problem in finances so they thought the bracelet would help in a little way. Since then, I’ve been receiving remittances from relatives and I would say that the Chinese bracelet works for me.

I have saved an email regarding Feng Shui that talks on how you can arrange your house to bring in goodluck so I would know what to do in my own house. I tried to follow some of them. I may not be 100% believer of Feng Shui but it won’t make me any harm if I try it.

My favorite celebrity host Kris Aquino consulted a Feng Shui expert before the construction of her huge and big budgeted house and recently, she met another Feng Shui expert who advised her to revise the position of her kitchen and without having second thought, she spent millions for the kitchen reconstruction alone. But look at her now, her career continue to flourish and every show she has is a top rater.

Now, if you are in the process of building house or business, you may wanna try visiting Feng shui for wealth and prosperity and include some of the Feng Shui tips when finalizing the project.

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nelson said...

i also received a buddha as a wedding gift from my mom! our lucky charm!