Saturday, February 20, 2010

Touching Valentine Message

Even if hubby and I have not celebrated Valentines Day for the past years, I can still claim that my Valentine every year is complete with the presence of my kids. I treasure the valentine cards I received from my kids.

Acey made a Valentine card days before Valentines day. She drew in the card a woman too focus watching TV as if she doesn't care whatever is happening in her surroundings. Admittedly, that's how I am especially during weekends. Watching my favorite shows is what I love doing and my kids know that very well.

On the other hand, CJ made a huge valentine card which was actually a project in their school and this is the actual message written on the card...

Dear mom and dad,

This is your son CJ. Mom, I want to say that you have the same attitude as the Maiasaurus which its name means good carrying mother like in the Dinosaur King show in episode 6 & 13. In episode 6 the Maiasaurus did anything to protect its egg and in episode 13, the acrocontosaurus did anything to go to the volcano and the island to protect the fossils of its mate and son and for dad, he is like a deinonychus which its name means terrible claw and the deinonychus work hard to find food. Like dad he work hard to give us money and transport the money to us.

from your son CJ

My son is engrossed with Dinosaurs. He always watch dinosaur films and shows via youtube and when he does, all the dinosaurs figures are scattered on the computer table.

I was elated after receiving those cards that I decided to do a quick visit at Marquee Mall and bought my kids valentine gift...luckily different Baby G watches were on sale.

Kids know things that can make you happy. Kids know how to express their love in very unique and innocent way.

Belated Happy V Day to all!!!


juliana said...

nakakaaliw mga kids mo. you're lucky.

hope you're having a great weekend!

Nicole said...

awww.. receiving sweet messages from our kids makes being a mom the best job in the world. <3

got one of those myself. teehee. Kids = Love :)

nelson said...

your kids are so sweet!!!!

tnapay said...

jo, you and your husband are raising very good kids. and salute you both. :)

Pablo said...

very nice website for a mom and for a family. i love it!