Saturday, March 6, 2010

Eye Make Up

I am so happy that I finally got the coastal scent 78 pallette make up I've been wanting to have. My officemate Collyn is placing an order for a coastal scent 88 pallette from a trusted seller in multiply account, I ask her to order for me so we can save from the shipping cost and she gladly agreed.

I recently bought Fashion 21 48 pallette eyeblush in SM. I sometimes use it when going to work and I noticed the color doesn't last, not sure if it is because I'm not applying eye primer before putting the make up on. It was actually on sale which is why I bought it but I plan to keep and use it still.

I started loving make up when I discovered Michelle Phan and Xteener and watch their video tutorials via YouTube every week. To have a Mac make up (eyeblush quad will do) and a complete set of make up brush is on top of my wishlists for this year.

here is the actual picture of the 78 and 88 pallette coastal scent for me & collyn respectively


Nicole said...

OMG! I have been eyeing that palette on multiply too. I hope you can give a review or swatches of the colors that'll help me decide if I should go purchase or not. :)

CoLine said...

i love using the palette...some of the colors are highly pigmented...these are great for beginners like us =)

AiDiSan said...

Hi Nicole,

I enjoy using my coastal scents eye pallette. I suggest you apply eye primer before putting eyeblush so the make up will last longer and the color more vivid. I also suggest you go for the 88 eye pallette because the blush on included in the 77 eye pallette combo is not that useful.