Saturday, May 22, 2010

Zapata's Mexican Resto

There are so many great restaurants in Friendship, Angeles City that caters to international customers. A lot of Americans, Australians and other nationalities are married to Filipinas and residing in Friendship and some of them have established businesses in Clarkfield Pampanga. Truly, there's no place like Philippines.

C Italian is being visited by celebrities because of its famous and unparralled Panizza. The chef/owner guested in "Secrets of the Masters" of QTV 11. Rumpa and VMW is usually housed by retired Americans & Australians, they offer steaks and various American foods and the servings is usually good for two (meant for a foreign customer with big bellys...LOL).

My friends at work had the chance to dine in Zapata's 2 weeks ago or so. This mexican restaurant was featured in WMN website and the controversial actress and host Kris Aquino raved about their quesadillas. It was my first time to dine in Zapata's and the ambiance inside was great...big and tidy. It will instantly make you feel you're in Mexico.

Our appetizer was quesadillas. This is my favorite among the 3 dishes we ordered. I love the simple taste and you can hardly guess what type of cheese they use. We finished this dish in a snap!

Fajitas was served next. It consists of chicken stips, grilled peppers and mexi rice matched with salsa and sour cream. It's up to you how much rice & chicken you put in the tortilla.

Finally, we had tacos with soft shell. It was okay but the taste of the cheese was too mild for me. I love anything with cheese...mozarella, parmesan, cheddar etc.

I love their refreshing cold iced tea.

me and pao

toots & collyn

We left Zapata's with a smile on our face, this Mexican Resto deserves another visit.

PS: Thank you Collyn for letting me grab the photos from your blog.

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dimmpss said...

Yes, Zapatas indeed deserve numerous visits. I heart their frozen margarita and fresh tortilla. Oh! And their nachos too with lotsa jalapenos. Excelente! :D Btw, I just finished the post about our dinner. Do check it out. ;-)