Thursday, May 27, 2010

New York Supreme

It's food trip once again and this time its Italian.

New York Supreme is a newly opened restaurant in Angeles City located along the hi way. It serves pizza and pasta. I've been to this resto twice already. The first time was when I treated my friends for my birthday and the second time was last Friday with my friends at work. I fell in love with their Panizza accompanied with pesto sauce, alfalfa and arugula and Chicken Pasta Parmigiana, red sauced penne pasta topped with fried chicken breast fillet and creamy/cheesy sauce. Their red sauced pasta has Italian flavor rich in tomato sauce and tomato paste. Pinoys are fond of sweet style spaghetti and having to try real Italian Style pasta is a delight to my tastebud. What I like most about New York Supreme is their affordable pitcher of iced tea. My friends and I had 3 to 4 rounds of glass of iced tea.

Eds, Pao and me (Marj was the one who took this shot)

Pasta Putannesca


pesto sauce for the panizza

alfalfa and arugula

Chicken Pasta Parmigiana


Our dinner in NYS gave us bloated but happy tummy.

Thank you Marj for the photos.


Nikki San said...

Super delicious!!!!

CoLine said...

wow! all of them looks yummy! I wanna go there NOW NA! ☺

inigo boy said...

wow looks yummy....