Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stay away from scandals

A controversial news about a gay who got operated in Vicente Sotto Cebu hospital circulated in the internet and a video can be seen in YouTube. In the video clip, doctors and nurses present during the operation were laughing, cheering & shouting after a plastic bottle of spray cologne came out of the rectum of the gay patient.

Allegedly, it’s the boyfriend who put the plastic spray cologne after receiving an insult from the gay patient, it was said that the boyfriend should undergo penis enlargement since the gay is not getting total satisfaction.

For men who are open to commit relationship with gays and would want to avoid scandal such as this, it will be helpful to google male enhancement websites. Male enhancement will not only help increase the size but more importantly, men will gain confidence about themselves.


Imelda said...

Thanks sis. As in super mad na talaga ak. I was tired and lack of sleep pa last night coz i attended an official function. Talked with my yongest son na calmly. Don't wan't to hurt their feelings.

Imelda said...

Got a tag for u sis.