Friday, May 2, 2008

Sunday Hang Out

Every Sunday morning, we take a peek at the lot owned by my parents wherein their simple dream house is currently under construction. We're happy to see developments everytime we go there. As of yesterday, the roof was installed and today, the carpenters will work on the silling and hopefully finishings will be completed before end of May. The kids have a bigger space to play around and they can't wait. I'm quite excited for my parents along with my brother and his family to transfer & enjoy the new house.

Twit, Acey, CJ and Ken
(from left to right)

girls versus boys


Yen said...

i can't wait to see the house done na;-) I'm sure maganda yan! And cute kiddos there! Happy Monday sis!

Portia said...

hehehehehehe!ah,the kids are soooo cute! I can see the anticipation in their faces.great!goodluck to the construction!