Friday, July 4, 2008

Busy As A Bee

It’s been a little over a month since my last post. I’ve been wanting to update my blog with new post because there were so many happenings in the past, however, my time will not allow me to do so. My last blog was about the resignation of my kid’s nanny and I haven’t found replacement up to this moment. There were applicants I did not accept due to not meeting my standards/qualifications. The next paragraph explains further why my blog was stagnant for a while.

I’ve been juggling my time as a mom, QA Analyst and housekeeper. I opted the night shift at work so I could personally arrange the school stuff of my kids and ready them for school on weekdays. I do not want to pass this responsibility to my mom who is also busy attending to her other grand children.

My shift starts at 9pm and before going to work, I would drop my kids at my mom’s place and pick them up after work which is usually before 8am. I make sure they’ve eaten heavy meal before going to school at 10am. As soon as my kids leave for school, I’ll sleep for three hours, so that would be until 1pm. I do the laundry 3 times a week or else, you’ll see Mt. Everest inside our house (lol), not to mention cleaning our little apartment daily.

Acey is home from school at 2pm while CJ at 5pm. I will assist them with their assignments and review them as well for short quizzes.

This set up will last until end of July, hopefully. My parents moved to their new house 3 weeks ago and the construction of my house located right beside theirs is on going. Things will be easier for me and my kids once we move in to our Mansion (haha).

One time I found myself crying inside. I feel sorry for myself that I have to experience all these, thinking and feeling that everyday is exhausting, draining & stressful. I’m certain all mommy bloggers can relate to me but hey, I’m not the only human being having this problem, probably, others have the worst scenario to share. I’ve convinced myself this is just temporary.

Motherhood is the most challenging role in this world. You think of yourself less, you embrace changes and challenges as if you do not have any choice.

Well, that's life. Everyday you’re given a choice, it’s either you take things positively or the other way around. With prayers, it’s easier for me to choose the former.


alpha said...

i know what you're feeling. buti ka nga you have parents to assist you, tapos magiging neighbors pa kayo. ok na ok ang setup nyo.. ganyan talaga ang buhay ng mga mommies.. kaya natin yan :D

Juliana Dewi K said...

Hello, I had experienced the same thing like you did once. But everything Ok now. Come visit my blog!

Rocks said...

I' sure things will get better, hang in there sis :)

nelson said...

ahhhh... parenthood... there's nothing else like it...