Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dad's Special Day

One of the most important man in my life celebrated his birthday last July 15 and that's none other than my beloved father.

My sis bought cake & ice cream while my mom cooked lumpiang shanghai & pancit, food just enough for the whole family. My dad is over 60 years old but he still look fit & strong, simply because he's fond of eating fresh fruits and avoids fatty food.

He is a principled man. He helped me & my hubby handle our marriage during it's early stage & would constantly share to me & my siblings the important lessons he learned in life. He believes in the power of education which is why he opted to work as an OFW in the Middle East in mid 80s to sustain family financial needs.

I always thought that finishing school and earn a degree is the best gift we can give our parents but think again, it's actually the best and only the best thing we can do for ourselves because everything starts after college graduation.

The photos will show how happy he was to celebrate his special day with his grand children.


Imelda said...

Belated happy b-day to ur father, sis.

He is a succesful father alreAdy having send u all to school and with earned degrees.

nelson said...

your father looks like he's just around mid 40s! i think i should eat more fruits...

Keith said...

I saw yer comment on Babettes blog, and cam e by. The pictures show a loving family. Nice blog.

Arlene Tabamo said...

jo, me asim pa si papush.. kaanakan na itsura ne?