Friday, July 25, 2008

I won $40.00

Juliana announced the winners in the contest in her blog and I am elated to get a confirmation that I rank 3rd among the top commentators which won me $40.00, in fact said amount was already credited in my paypal account. The contest was related to celebrating Juliana’s anniversary in the blogging world.

Here is the exact post in Juliana’s blog announcing the winners:

Perfect Day…
It’s time to celebrate! The actual date of my blog anniversary was not such a day worthy of any celebration because of the mishap. The perfect time to celebrate is today, as I’m also announcing the winners of my first ever contest.

Lisa L. - $100
Mari - $55
AiDiSan - $40
Heidi - $30
Rocks - $25

To all my blogger friends who participated in the contest, thank you very much for your participation. I hope you’ll join me again in the future. I will be glad to have you again. This is definitely not the last contest; there will be more to come.
To the winners, please leave me your PayPal accounts so I know where to send the prizes to. Remember, comments are being moderated, so you need not worry about your accounts getting published.



Lutchi said...

congratulations girl and thanks for the comment on my blog. TC

Rocks said...

Congratulations to the five of us! :)

alpha said...

congrats! pa-burger ka naman hehehe

Imelda said...

wow its nice of u juliana to have that contest.congrats, sis

doit4_him said...