Saturday, October 4, 2008

Anniversary New Look


To those who regularly visit my blog, you will notice a new lay out. I got this from The CutestBlogOnTheBlock shared to me by fellow blogger Marie.

I realized that there is something wrong with my old lay out. It's dark and sad looking and today is the perfect time to make a change because October 4 is my blog's first year anniversary...yipeee.

I also plan to create another blog in a few days dedicated to my newly constructed house. I want to share the gradual improvement of my little abode. As of this time, it doesn't have painting and some finishing but it's liveable, still, a great blessing to consider!

I thank God I gained friends and learned important life lessons from other blogger's personal experiences.

To those who take time to read my posts and exert effort to leave comment/s or message/ means so much to me. I make it a point I do the same whenever I visit other blogs.

Blogging will continue to be part of my online activity.

Happy Blogging to everyone...Cheers!!!


tnapay said...

happy anniv jo. :)

Arlene Tabamo said...

happy blogsary jo! lon muna ne one year na pala ini.. good luck keng metung a blog... i'll surely check it! :)

Imelda said...

hi sis, i am happy for you will soon be living in that mansion of yours. i kow you're so busy, sis. Thanks for taking time to visit my site when u have the time. Btw, its a business trip. Saves money for me here, albeit for a meager amount only. take care always, . .

Angeline said...

yes girl! this new layout is sooooo much better!!!!

DebbieDana said...

WOW, it's already a year of blogging? Continue to blog!! Happy 1st year anniversary!

Your layout is cool...Unique and I like it!

FreEzEBoX said...

wow.. anniversary rin mam? hehehee.. happy anniv... sarap naman.. :)