Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Baby

Nope...I'm not pregnant. I am referring to my niece Nicole. My sister left for Qatar last September 30 with a heavy heart because baby Nicole was left here since her visa isn't okay yet. My brother in law (Nicole's dad) will arrive on October 15 to fetch baby Nicole.

My mom and yaya Nits takes care of Nicole during the day and AT NIGHT, I'm the one in charge of my niece.

Having experience with kids, it wasn't a problem to sleep with Nicole and wake up every 2 hours to feed her. It's something I enjoy doing actually, the same feeling my sister had when she helped me with my own kids, she was still single then. I can vividly remember, whenever I'm not available to bring my kids to their pedia due to work, my sister would take the initiative to do it for me. On paydays, she would bring CJ and Acey to their favorite fast food for snack. She is the nicest person and loving sister everyone would wish to have.

My parents have instilled in us the value of family & taught us the give & take attitude, this is the reason why me and my siblings grew up helping one another, giving each other moral including financial support.

Going back to baby Nicole. In the morning of her second month birthday, I brought her to her pedia for DPT 5 in 1 vaccination.

Afterwards, I got busy preparing food to celebrate her birthday in the afternoon. We had pancit palabok , puto and pichi pichi that my mom bought in Susie's Cuisine, a famous store in Angeles City where you can buy variety of native pastries. I bought ube cake in Red Ribbon. Chocolate flavored cakes is no longer appetizing to me so for a change I decided to have Ube cake and it was really yummy. We also had fried chicken that I cooked for 2 hours and it took 10 minutes only for my family to finish it.

So there, it was a busy, happy and accomplished October 06 for me.


Nancy said...

Nice to hear from you Ai..thanks for commenting on my post...

How adorable your niece (baby Nicole) is. Dito sa bahay ko me 3months old baby at sa sister ko!

Hope you enjoy your weekend there. stay safe!

Heidi said...

Wow, cute naman ng neice mo... she looks big for her age, ha! Kakagigil her pisngi, hehehe!

joy said...

Hi! your niece is so cute sana may baby rin sa bahay naman. Nakakaingit.

Mommie Van said...

your sis is lucky to have you :) btw,ur niece is a doll!!