Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rendevouz with Friends

A week before my friend Ezria arrived from Singapore last November 01, she contacted me and Josielyn to set a date for our bonding because she'll be staying here for a week only and she wanna make sure to spend time with us while on short vacation.

We chose November 05 and met in SM Clark at 4 in the afternoon but hours before that, Michelle (who came all the way from Abra Province) & Josielyn were already in David Salon SM for some pampering. I arrived a little past 4 pm and proceeded in the Salon for an haircut then we waited for Ezria.

We had an early dinner in Gerry's Grill. We ordered crispy pata, chicken kebab, boneless daing na bangus and adobo rice. We had a stomach satisfying meal and what made the dinner more special is being able to share & savor it with good friends. We spared some food for Marilyn & Grace who came past 6pm, though late, they enjoyed the meal the same way we did.

Afterwards, we decided to spend the rest of the night at Wishing Well, a KTV and resto managed by Josielyn's hubby. The girls had fun watching me as I sing my heart out for every song played in the videoke, performing like a real concert queen..haha!

And when the band for the night started performing, we went out of the KTV room to watch them and catch some fresh air. All of us fnished a bottle of San Mig Light before going home.

me & ezria

josielyn, me, ezria, michelle, grace & marlyn

grace, marlyn, me, ezria & josielyn (michelle took this shot)


nelson said...

hmmm... cool group... i just started missing my barkada too... we often visit videokes and watch livebands too.

tnapay said...

wow, jo. stress reliever. kainggit. teehee. thanks for dropping by and hopefully, will get to posting new entries.

have a wonderful weekend.

DebbieDana said...

It's really nice to get together with our good old friends, right?

By the way, Gerry's grill is a great place, I love the food there. When I was still processing my visa, to having my medical, I, together with some friends hang out there!