Friday, November 28, 2008


After their successful teleserye "Lobo", Piolo Pascual & Angel Locsin were teamed up in a movie "Land Down Under" which will be shown early next year. Most part of the movie was shot in Australia & Bukidnon.Three days ago, an officemate told us that Piolo & Angel are shooting in Clark Museum, few meters away from our office. We got thrilled with the news and hurriedly went to the location shooting. When we got to the venue, the friendly StarCinema crews were busy arranging the props & camera lights while Angel & Piolo are resting in their respective room.

Pao and I patiently waited for the leadstars for a possible souvenir photo with them, something we can show & brag with our officemates. Angel came out unexpectedly looking for her personal assistant, we almost scream due to excitement like any other fan seeing local celebrities in person. We ask for souvenir photo but she showed us she's barefooted, indirectly saying she's not ready for some picture taking. After a short while, she came back to give us positive signal. We didn't waste a single second, we came running to her...Oh boy...she's beautiful, sexy & accomodating. I admit, I was startrucked!!!

Me, Angel & Pao

We waited for Piolo to no avail. It was already time to go back to the office but before doing so, Ricky Davao was in one corner busy finishing his meal for the day and so I ask my officemates who followed us in the location shooting to approach him for souvenir shots, we did the same to the boy who's name I'm not familiar but we are certain he's a Going Bulilit mainstay.

with Ricky Davao (character actor)

with Goin' Bulilit talent

I'm not the type of fan who will go & follow their idols, spend money to watch every film they make, collect their magazine pictures for some scrapbooking BUT it's fun to be jologs once in a while.


arlene said...

awww! i just have to agree with the last sentence... nyaman magpaka bakya once in awhile :)

DonnaBelle said...

grabe!!ang liit ng waist ni angel.

Imelda said...

Am glad u did not have a souvenir shot with Piolo because he's mine ALONE, LOL.

Kidding aside, i kknow how exciting it is to be with celebrities, super kilig. . .

nelson said...

the name of the boy from goin bulilit is john manalo. im a fan of goin bulilit eh... hehehe... pero wala na sya dun kasi malaki na sya..

grabe, kakainggit pic nyo with angel huh...