Monday, January 19, 2009


I want to say my heartfelt thanks to Teena & Romely for passing this award to me.

The instruction is to enumerate the 5 current addictions I have and pass the award to 5 other Faboulus bloggers. So here it is:

1. Making no bake desserts. My latest is “banana & chocolate chips Tiramisu”.
2. Homestyle magazines.
3. Kiss & sniff my niece Nicole.
4. Email & chat with my Sis & hubby.
5. Internet…Blogging & Friendster.

I am now passing this award to: Arlene, Alpha, Heidi, Donnabelle, & Dylan.


Imelda said...

hi how are you???

DonnaBelle said...

Hello friend!!!
Many thanks for this award. Will post it very very soon.
Take care