Friday, January 30, 2009

Say Cheeseeeee!!!

Aside from chocolates, I love cheese, oh I really do and my eldest CJ inherited this from me. He never get tired of eating pandesal with Eden cheese on it every breakfast. Sometimes when we run out of something to eat in the house, we would gobble on cheese like little kids. the difference is, CJ is particular with Eden cheese and if you give him a different brand, he won't eat it. Unlike me, I love almost any kind of cheese, that is why i was so delighted when my sister from Qatar sent me Puck cream cheese spread. Since I work graveyard shift, I prepare our afternoon snack everyday, I always make sandwiches and the recent one was Bacon & Egg Sandwich with Puck cream cheese spread, it was heavenly!


nelson said...

i just love PUCK, too. It's also available in the UAE. One time i melted it in one of my pasta dishes and my guests loved it!!

Angeline said...

*Super Hi-five*
Maybe one day, we might have a chance to feast on nothing else but Chocolate and Cheese!!!! *laugh*

Hannah's Mom said...

wow sarap! i also love cheese! lalo na pag madaming cheese sa pizza, hhmmm yummy!