Friday, January 16, 2009

Initial post for 2009

First, my apology for not updating my blog. This serves as my initial post for 2009. Like everyone else, I got too busy with the holidays and was engrossed with family bonding. Hubby arrived Dec. 10 and stayed for one month so it's perfectly justifiable to temporarily cease myself from blogging, meeting with friends and even working. Yes, I filed a planned leave for 2 weeks and it seems it wasn't enough.

I could sense from my hubby's face how happy & contented he was to be able to spend Christmas & New Year with me & his kids and also his relatives and what made it more exciting is to finally see in person the little house we have built (we moved there last September). Now, we are gradually working on the finishings of the house and the next time he comes home for Christmas, he'll witness a more beautiful newly painted abode.

We weren't able to go to other places like out of town due to family bonding and gatherings that are left & right. We got busy inviting relatives over to our new house. The only instance hubby and I spent time together alone was when we dined out at Rumpa Restaurant and watched "Iskul Bukul: The Reunion" after lunch at Kenny Rogers in SM.

John went back to Qatar last January 10 but he'll start working tomorrow. One time when I got home, CJ told me that he missed his Dada and hubby was so touched when I told him about it. While I was in SM last Monday, I suddenly missed John too because while he was here, we're often in SM to do grocery shopping.

Things are getting back to normal slowly. We all have to move on. We have to be thankful we had the opportunity to spend the happiest occasions as one family.

Regularly updating my blog from now on is one of my New Year's resolution and I'm certainly ready for that task.

Happy Year of the Ox Everyone!


arlene said...

jo ala mu talga kantang i mark and jennilyn! good to know that you enjoyed the holidays with your family.. cge this weekend update ke din blog ku, lols!

CoLine said...

Just look at the happy smiles of your little's priceless. =)