Saturday, February 14, 2009

A different gift on Vday!

Happy Hearts Day Everyone!

Can't remember the last time I celebrated valentines day with hubby, all I know is every V day hubby is abroad but there was never a time he didn't greet me. John called me at 12 midnight just to greet me happy valentines, he said thank you to me for taking good care of our kids, he is super happy for what is happening to CJ & Acey. He assured me of his love & fidelity. After dinner tonight, I'm going to send him a long email to say my greetings...hehehe.

John and I actually received the best Valentine gift from our kids. CJ participated in their school foundation day and happened to represent grade 3 male students in the Mr. & Ms. MIS (Mary Immaculate School). A month before the event, CJ's class teacher have told me there will be talent portion in the contest and so my stress & problem started there. CJ is not used to sing or dance before a crowd, so I have to do some motivating, in fact he didn't want to join but I told him he should be thankful he was chosen, there are a lot of kids who wanted to join but was not given the chance. A student of my sister in law taught CJ some dance steps but my son is uncooperative during the practice so I took over the choreography. I showed him easy & uncomplicated steps. Fortunately, it was a closed door talent portion that happened last Thursday, only the judges, parents & supporters of the candidate were allowed to enter the room. It went well, though it was not the best dance during the talent portion, I still gave him a pat on the back.

The contest proper happened yesterday in Robinsons Angeles City. The theme of the foundation day was "Colors of the Wind", boys are wearing Capt. John Smith costume while the girls wore a Pocahontas costume. On the second part of the contest everybody was in their formal wear.

I am very impressed with the performance of CJ from ramping on stage to the Q & A portion. He won Mr. Photogenic, Best in Capt. John Smith costume & Best in Formal Wear. The contestants are actually wearing the same costumes & formal wear, I guess it has something to with how they carry themselves onstage. During the Q&A, the host revealed that the candidates doesn't have to give the correct answer to the question, the judges would want to see confident, honest & unscripted answer from the candidates. Honestly, I didn't practice CJ for the Q&A, I just told him to be polite when answering, look at the judges & be confident. I also told him there is no wrong or right answer so there is no reason for him not to reply. My son took it from there and he was proclaimed Mr. MIS 2009.

Today was the card distribution in Acey's school. My sister in law receive Acey's class card on my behalf 'coz I have to accomplish a lot of household chores. After a little one hour, I receive an SMS from my sister in law telling me that Acey is AGAIN rank 1 in their class for this third grading period.

I am so thankful & proud for the achievements of our kids. The happiness that my hubby and I are feeling right now is unexplainable. We are full of thank you & praises to our Lord above.


tnapay said...

wow jo. i am elated hearing the stories of your kids/family. i can feel the joy as a fellow mother. :)

happy valentine's :) nyaman da ring gifts mo :)

Angeline said...

this present is better than 99roses on Valentine's Day!!! *smile*
Happy Valentine's Day!

arlene said...

jo!!! kagwapo na talgang cj... and ur girl is really so brainy! what else can you ask for?

congrats keka, u deserve all these gifts!

and belated happy hearts day :)

nelson said...

wow galing naman ng mga kids mo... congratulations to cj and acey... and to the parents din!

CoLine said...

Wow! these are truly wonderful gifts that money cannot buy. Kudos to you mami ads, ur such a great mom that is why you have brainy and talented kids. =)patingin nga uli ng dance steps hihihi

nahj12 said...

happy valentines mommy jo.. :) .. how sweet naman.. cute pictures :)

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