Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Beginner's Luck

Now that we have moved to our own little house, the next goal we have set for the family is to enjoy an Asian trip. We want to take advantage of the low fare promos of a commercial airlines here in the Philippines. In fact, I have registered to be able to receive information about their promos in my mailbox. We want to bring the kids to Hongkong Disneyland, so they have something to cherish and have a picture taken with huge Walt Disney mascots and fairy tales characters. Hubby and I would want to explore Macau and visit casinos and have a good time. I remember the first time John and I set foot to a casino in our town that happened several years ago, we are unaware how the games played in the casino including the slot machines, good thing casinos would hire staff friendly enough to accomodate our questions and explain the game to us and so we tried Bacarat and fortunately, we won 5 thousand pesos which is equivalent to a hundred US dollars. Hubby and I will definitely look forward to our Macau trip.


Angeline said...

Wow! Lady luck is with you eh?!

tnapay said...

jo, i agree king plan yu. moments and memories you can cherish, kayung family. :)