Monday, March 2, 2009

You Changed My life

Yes, I've watched the film " You Changed My Life" with my daughter Acey last Saturday in Robinson's Cinema. It was a mother-daughter bonding time. We enjoyed the said movie immensely. I saw my girl smiling and giggling whenever Migs & Laida (played by John Llloyd & Sarah Geronimo respectively) would tease each other and exchange sweet nothings. This sequel is a lot better than "A Very Special Love". I commend the director of the movie Cathy Garcia-Molina who consistently live up to the expectations of the film viewers like me. Movies such as this can easily entice me to get up from bed early even if I lack sleep due to graveyard shift.


Ria said...

Hi Aidisan,

Thanks for passing by my blog. I have already linked you in my VIP roll...let me know when you're done linking mine.


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dylan said...

i've watched it, kakakilig! hehehe :)

alf said...

i want to watch this movie too. i know there is one cinema here that shown this movie per malayo kami. my only chance is through dvd.

happy b-day din sa hubby mo.

take care.

nahj12 said...

yeah.. love this movie.. watched it twice pa nga eh.. heheh :)