Sunday, April 19, 2009

BusinessCom, the best Satellite Internet Provider

When I was in primary level at grade 2 to be specific, my father worked abroad and the only means of communication at that time was through voice tape and snail mail and it takes a week or less before the voice tape or the mail reaches my father.

Now my husband is in Qatar and I am thankful with the technology that we have now. We can talk & see him at the same time through voice chat. We have constant communication and the kids doesn’t feel that their Dad is miles away. However, there are times that our internet provider doesn’t work for reasons I don’t know and it’s such a hassle to contact the customer service and complain about the unexpected disconnection and worst, this happens despite paying on time.

I remember my uncle telling me about satellite dish, something becoming famous in other countries. By just having satellite dish installed on your roof, you will have access to cables and internet without paying monthly.

Speaking of satellite internet, Businesscom is a leading global Satellite Internet provider with a vision & mission to continue improving in providing satellite internet and hire manpower with enough skills and expertise in the field of satellite internet connection. Moreover, Businesscom is committed to bring its incomparable service all over the world like South Africa and Middle East to where my husband is currently assigned.

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