Friday, April 24, 2009

Be nice to Pets

Me and my family are not pet lovers eversince. We had a dog when I was in grade six but died and since then we did not attempt to take care of any kind of animal. And when we moved to our new house, my brother brought home a mini pinscher whom we named “Bornok”. The dog is well behave and he’s close to my dad and my brother because they are the one who prepare his food and in charge of his grooming.

The kids in the house especially Acey used to be afraid of animals particularly dogs but they overcome that with fear with animals eversince Bornok came in the house.
It saddens me to see other people’s cruelty to animals but on the other hand, there are some people who take effort to organize a team in defense of animal rights. I really think we should be nice to animals of any kind, they are also God’s creations like trees we see around and lets support group such as Wilmington NC Real Estate who help rescue homeless animals from the humane society they support.


Angeline said...

I'm not a extreme pet lover too, but whenever I hear animal abuse, my blood just boils!

nelson said...

I am not into pets, too, but I would never do any harm on them. I guess it's because my family owned dogs since time immemorial. Whenever a dog dies, another one would be brought in.