Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Reception at Abe's Farm Resort

Last weekend was a hectic schedule for me. I got home from work Saturday morning at around 7:30am, took a power nap and woke up at 9:00 am. My friends at work and I decided to attend the christening of our department manager's baby girl Samantha Sage on that day. Our meeting place was at Marquee Mall and I decided to be there an hour before our meeting time (11am) so I could spend it looking for a dress I could wear on my brother-in-law's wedding which is going to be next week, but I ended up buying Vidal Sasoon hair straightener.

Collyn came at exactly 11am followed by Mark. We bought a gift for the baby girl and while waiting for it to be wrapped, we did a pictorial in the next room where some of Marquee's furnitures are on display. We then headed to the reception at Abe's Farm Magalang. It took us more than 30 minutes to reach the destination. Some visitors were done eating while others just started coming in.




Even if I'm from Pampanga, I didn't know about Abe's Farm until I saw it on TV last March specifically in the show "Ang Pinaka" of QTV 11 where they featured different resorts around the Philippines. Abe's Farm is a private resort with only one big pool surrounded by different plants and trees. It's cottages are made of nipa hut. It has a resto that serves native food. I specially like the fern salad which reminded me of my late mother-in-law who used to prepare such with matching fried fish. The ube macapuno dessert is my ultimate favorite. The halaya ube does not contain ingredient to cheat the taste and it's authencity.

If you want to have peaceful vacation for any season or just a quiet time with your family or loved ones away from city noise, Abe's Farm is the perfect place to be.

We left the place almost 3pm. On the way home, I received a text from Josielyn telling me that our friend Michelle is coming for a doctor's appointment and she wanted to have dinner with us, wanna know here we ate?...well, that deserves another post. Stay tuned...LOL.


Nikki San said...

What I've noticed is your outfit for the event. You all look so chic. Also, nice poses hah! :)

Looking forward to read the menu! :)

nelson said...

hi there! do you know that we visited Abe's farm during their soft opening in may 2008? i posted lots of pictures in one of my blogs that has now closed. but i posted some pics at inigo's site. here's the link http://inigobautista.wordpress.com/2008/05/27/25-may-08-a-trip-to-abes-farm/

AiDiSan said...

@nikki...surely, i will post the dinner i had with my friends.

@nelson...i'm gonna check the link. Abe's Farm is a great place for family especially kids to keep them in touch with nature. i visit Inigo's website often and leave comment there too. i love your son, he's so adorable:)

CoLine said...

We all looked good Jho, even if we didn't have enough sleep hahaha! I agree with Nikki we all look so chic...especially Mark hahaha! Joke ☺

But it was really a fun saturday even if the scorching heat is giving us headache.

Hugs to you!♥

nahj12 said...

wow.. padaan naman mommy :).. nice pics.. it did show you had fun.. :)

dimmpss said...

you indeed look all pretty including mark at marquee's place. :D nikki and i just had a pictorial of the same area the other day after we had our hair done. :)

AiDiSan said...

@coline...super pretty ka that day of course with your plains & prints dress...naks!

@nahj..tnx for dropping by:)

@dimmpss...talagang special mention i mark ne? sige post the pics, I;m excited to see them:)