Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy Kids

I'm fond of bringing my kid's to kiddie birthday parties, it's a perfect time for them to mingle with other people, develop their social skills in a fun and happy way.

CJ, my eldest, is always ready to participate in games and befriend all the kids. On the other hand, my little princess Acey is the shy and reserve type, she's more interested in the party food and loot bags (LOL).

For this month of July, we attended 2 birthday parties, the first one was held first week of July and the other one was last Saturday. The pictures taken on last Saturday's birthday party were not uploaded yet but here are the photos taken by an officemate and a fellow blogger CandidMom who I think is a promising great photographer.


imelda said...

wow they are gorwn up now sis. how time flies

AiDiSan said...

yes sis...a couple of more years, my eldest will become teenager...hayyy. they will forever be babies to me.

Nikki San said...

Hello sis, your daughter is your mini Aidisan. =) I like how Vic captured all those priceless smiles.. They all look so happy. :) Btw, I tagged with you sumthin! Happy Tuesday! Mwuah

Des said...

Hi Sis! Thanks for dropping by my site! :-P Yup, Nikki is so right! Truly, those smiles are priceless! ...Wow, Nikki also my friend, as in we live in the same village. ;-P...small world! :-)

AiDiSan said...

Hi Des,

I'm happy we both know Nikki, she's the sexiest and sweetest lady for me.

Thanks for the comment:)