Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Get rid of Unwanted Mails

Everyday I check emails more than once and each time, I see unwanted emails in my spam folder. I never attempt to open them for online security reasons, but instead, I immediately delete them all at once, what's annoying is they keep coming back. I wonder how to get rid of those spam emails forever!

Recently, I discovered about catalogs that will help remove your screenname or other information that may be used by marketers or advertisers. Catalogs will give you an option to unlist your name from marketers to stop sending you advertising emails you are completely not interested in. What’s great about it is, you can avail some of their services for FREE.

One thing I learned from all these is that sometimes when we make purchases online, we give out our personal information such as email address or phone number simply because they are needed to complete the transaction and delivery of the product we purchase online. Little did we know, some companies would sell those information to other companies who send us advertising emails found in our spam folders. To avoid or reduce unwanted emails, there is this service called UNLISTING SERVICE. Thank God such service was discovered and available. This will make our online experience a lot better.

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