Thursday, February 17, 2011

Simple Family Celebrations

My family seldom celebrate occassions with a big party, invite relatives & friends with lots of food to share. Me and my siblings never demanded for a party to celebrate our birthdays. In as much as my parents would like to provide us party during special occassions, they could not afford it. We accepted and understood that. When I was little, I can vividly remember the whole family would dine in Nelson's Balloons in downtown Angeles City with yummy bibingka as their specialty on special occassions. My siblings and I would excitedly play in the see saw inside Nelson's Ballons right after eating pancit and bibingka while my parents stay in the table and chat, look at us while we're busy playing. The only time my parents threw a party was when my brother passed the board exam for Mechanical Engineers in 1998, and that's something worth celebrating.

Now, whenever there are family occassions, still there's no party but we all dine out or eat somewhere and try some specialties of different restaurants. Honestly, I like it that way, it's more intimate, convenient and hassle free.

Last January 09, my brother and his wife celebrated their 13 years of marriage. We had an early dinner in Extremely Expresso because my brother and our kids craved for pasta and pizza.

On February 02, mom turned 64 years old, she didn't want to go somewhere and eat, she preferred to just cook for the family since it was weekday and thought my father and my brother were tired from work to go out. She cooked pancit, chicken and cheese lumpia. I bought her flowers and Pandan cake from TollHouse on behalf of my sister who's in Qatar.

Acey's birthday was February 10 but we celebrated it last Feb. 13 which is Sunday. We had dinner in Max Restaurant in Marquee Mall because Acey's favorite is chicken and ate her share of Max chicken unswervingly, she almost uttered "Sarap to the Bones!".

Acey  in a "Sarap to the Bone" moment


ChinaDoll said...

I always prefer having small simple dinner with loved ones than having big parties. One main reason is, we want to share and have more quality time with the people you're celebrating with. In big parties, you only share a little time with your guest because you still have to entertain the other guests.

February is really a love month for you and your whole family. Hope you had a great Valentine's day.

Actually I was hoping to see Acey's sarap to the bones picture hihihi. Belated Happy birthday to your mom and pretty lil girl. =)


AiDiSan said...

Hi Chinadoll,

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and write your comment. I just added the pic of Acey busy eating the chicken and rice. I forgot to take a photo of the well grinded chicken bones from Acey's

nelson said...

Was that a huge pizza??

Belated happy birthday to Acey!

I sure got hungry with this post...

AiDiSan said...

Hi Nelson,

Thanks for commenting and greeting Acey.

Yes, that was a huge pizza mroe than enough for the entire family:)