Saturday, January 19, 2008

Baguio GetAway

I was awake as early as 4am of January 05 to prepare for our Baguio trip. Everybody was ready to go at exactly 5am. The van arrived 15 minutes later. We were in Tarlac at 6am and reached Pangasinan 2 hours after. We dropped by at Manaoag Church because my sister and her husband promised themselves to visit the said church before they go back to Qatar. A great opportunity for me to talk to God and thank Him for the abundant blessings He showered me and my loved ones in the whole year of 2007. I lit 5 candles and prayed for good health for the whole family especially my kids, successful career for me & my husband, healthy pregnancy for my sister who had a miscarriage before she got pregnant again, realization of my parent's goal to build a simple house early part of 2008 and continued blessings.

Everyone was in high energy as we continue the journey to the summer capital. We realized we are nearing the destination when we saw the zigzag road and felt we were climbing the mountain. Mang Ed, our driver, was knowledgeable of the place because he owns the house where the whole family stayed.

We did a stop over at the Kennon Viewdeck for picture taking and overlooking the view. It was breathtaking, it’s something that you don’t see in Pampanga. The air was very cold that you really need to wear jacket or sweatshirt. Afterwards, we headed to our accomodation. It's a house big enough for us with 3 rooms, each has 2 single sized bed. What we like most about it, is the terrace with long tables where we dined. We unpacked our stuff, had lunch and started wandering the tourist spots of Baguio.

On the first day, we went to Grotto & Pink Sisters convent. We also paid a short visit to Baguio Cathedral. Later on, we were at the place with horses. My kids especially CJ enjoyed riding a horse, It’s 150 bucks for 30 minutes. We had picture taking in The Mansion. Of course, Baguio trip wouldn’t be complete not having a picture with Mines View as your background. We passed by at Camp John Hay and our last stop for the day was SM Baguio where we bought the ingredients for our dinner. We decided to cook pansit guisado and lumpiang shanghai instead of heavy meal. Because everybody was tired strolling around Baguio, we fell asleep as early as 8pm.

While on the second day, we headed to the strawberry farm field and bought pasalubong. Afterwards, we went to Bell Church. CJ & Acey dropped a coin in the wishing well and silently cited their wishes or requests. We drove bicycles in the Burnham Park, then had lunch in a restaurant that serves their meal in a sizzling plate. We went back to the accommodation to organize our things. At 3pm, we’re ready on our way back to Pampanga.

In my previous job, when I was still single, I would go to Baguio to attend conferences and trainings and I never got the chance to explore it. It was only during our recent trip that I got to discover more about it’s nice places.

The trip was very tiring and a bit expensive but it’s all worth it. Last night, we chatted online with my husband and Acey enthusiastically narrated to her Dada the trip the whole time they were talking.

It was indeed an unforgettable experience.

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