Sunday, January 27, 2008

Language Training

The two weeks training that started last January 14, 2008 is finally over. This is a continuation of the American Accent training I attended before Christmas. The only difference is that, in the Language training, the trainer would start a topic and encourage everyone to talk. And when you commit a mistake like for example in grammar,she would correct it right away in a very pleasant manner.

We’re 27 in class and half of it composed of team leaders and I am the only QA analyst in the group and the rest are consultants. This training is to prepare everyone to take calls including myself, now that the company is transitioning to voice call center. For the longest time, consultants would assist our members via chat. By simply clicking the scripts, you can address the member issue and swiftly end the session. Majority of the consultants are apprehensive about this major change.

At the end of the training, each will undergo evaluation and if you fail, you will be retrained. Meaning, you will have exactly the same training for 2 weeks and be evaluated again. Unfortunately, there were I think 3 consultants in our class who failed. Of course I pass the evaluation and I am happy with the feedback I received from our trainer. She said, I still have the Filipino accent while speaking the English Language which can be improved when I start taking calls. She was happy with my fluency. When she asked me questions, I answered with elaboration. The score I got in grammar is higher than she expected. My tenses were perfect all throughout the interview.

True, written communication is a lot easier than oral communication. True, someone who is fluent and articulate when using the English language is blessed. But this is a skill that you can learn through practice.

I am thankful for given the chance to undergo the Language Training. The knowledge I learned from the said training is priceless and something I can impart to others most especially to my kids.

I look forward to another training next month.

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Roanne said...

Practice makes perfect. That's how I learned how to speak Tagalog. But I do agree with you that written communication is alot easier than oral. I can express myself better writing than I can orally. Keep up the good work.